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Aka- How to Use Social Media- the official WorkingMomX Guide

You’ve been there before, it’s the middle of the day, and a notification pops up on your phone. Susan so and so has sent you a friend request.  While this situation is pretty common, you may wonder to yourself- what is the proper protocol for handling a friend request?  How long should I wait before I accept the request? If they friended me on Facebook, should I also follow them on Twitter? Should we be connected on LinkedIn? Should I start friending their friends?

To answer these questions, and more, the team here at WorkingMomX has put together the following How to Use Social Media guide for your benefit.  Everything provided here is official, so you should make sure to follow the information here very closely.

Rule 1- Friend everybody

Whenever I get a new friend request, at first, I get excited. It happens to all of us that have one or multiple social media accounts. But then I tell myself- OK- this doesn’t make sense.  I already have over a bazillion Facebook friends.

I am basically friends with everyone I already know.  I am friends with my immediate circle of friends, a handful of coworkers, family members, relatives (even more distant family members), neighbors and many others.  I am even friends with some of my work connections.  Who could possibly be friending me that I’m not already connected with?

Maybe it’s someone I haven’t talked to in a long time.  Maybe it’s someone I just met at a social event. Maybe it’s someone who friended me thinking I was someone else.

It doesn’t matter. If you get a new friend request, accept it, no matter what.

You thought you were big stuff when you got your first 100 Facebook friends.  Then it was 200, 300, now you’re at over 500.  That’s not good enough, you need to keep going. If you’re not cruising towards having at least 1,000 friends on Facebook, well, you’re just not that popular.

Rule 2- Make the first move

So, you were at party, and got introduced to some friend of a friend.  You shook hands, exchanged greetings, and then didn’t speak to each other for the whole rest of the evening. You have now established the sufficient level of rapport to be connected online. You need to friend this person. As soon as you get home that night.

Sometimes we hear about different people without actually meeting them.  Maybe there is someone that is friends with one or more people you know in common.  This is also a good reason to send them a Friend Request. If they don’t know you, they might not accept. It just means they’re kind of bitchy.

Wait a week, and then try again.

Rule 3- Connect on as many platforms as possible

I used to think the only way I would connect with business associates and clients would be on LinkedIn. It used to be just kind of an online resume, but has evolved to be more of a social media platform, on a more professional level.

Now, it seems like it’s getting to be more like Facebook.  You can like articles, comment on other people’s posts, and more.  So, make sure for every person you’re friends with on Facebook, that you also connect with them on LinkedIn.

Don’t stop there, as there are many other platforms you absolutely must connect to them on as well.  Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Periscope, these are just some of the basics. For each contact you have on one platform, make sure you connect with them on all of the others.

Now, if you’re a social networker at the genius level, you might even try to go a little old school. MySpace may have dropped from prominence over ten years ago, but it doesn’t hurt to still have a page out there on this platform. If you do this, people will know you have mad skills at social media.

Rule 4- replace in-person interaction with Social Media

You’re a working Mom, so you’re extremely busy.  You don’t have time for inconsequential personal interactions.  Leverage social media to be more efficient at maintaining your relationships, especially with family.

This works especially well for close family and friends. Instead of get togethers, or other burdensome events, you can like their posts and occasionally add a comment or two.  This shows how interested you are in their lives and is just as good, if not better than actually spending time with them.

Rule 5- Post everything on Social Media

Remember, there is nothing too inconsequential to be posted on Social Media.  What you had for dinner, your kid went potty, the dog peed on the rug again, what you’re watching on tv, you love your husband so much, these are all great things to post on social media regularly.  The more often, the better, because people crave to know every little thing you did in your day.

Bonus Items-

Once you reach expert level, here are some additional items you can do to display your social media prowess.

Tag as many people as possible in your posts- whether they were there or not, or even if they have nothing to do with what you’re posting. You should tag them to show others… well I actually don’t know what it shows, but you should still do it.

If want to prove how dedicated you are to stopping cancer, or preventing animal cruelty, or any of the other one million other causes out there, you should make a post about it, and then ask everyone who reads it to share it.  If they don’t, threaten to unfriend them as it proves their true value as a friend.

Guilting your friends into sharing your post to prove they are a good friend is a great approach, especially since only about one person will actually do it, and you’ll still have the same number of Facebook friends afterwards.

Make sure to use this guide

There you have it, the official WorkingMomX guide to using Social Media.  I’ll be looking for your friend requests, and if I don’t see them, I’ll just have to initiate them myself. This is on the internet, so it has to be true.

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5 thoughts on “You Have a Friend Request

  1. Ha! I was starting to think this is some crazy advice. I finally realized you were just kidding all the way through. Thanks for the laugh!

  2. OMG! You don’t realize how many of these things drive me absolutely crazy! There’s going to be people who read this who don’t realize they do these things, and shouldn’t.

  3. I agree! This was a very fun article!! Fun to read for sure!! Social media can be a crazy place anymore!

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