Why I love the Target REDCard; I think you would too


At one point or another, we have all been faced with going around Target trying to pick up stuff we need for our families. Yes, sometimes I win- I might know where things are, and I go straight to them on the rack. And other times target wins me, and I spend a lot of time walking around without finding what I was looking for, or getting lots of stuff I wasn’t.

At the end of the day, though, I still love Target, because it almost always has what I need. And now, I have one more reason to love it- the Target REDCard.

Save 5% and get Free Shipping at Target – Apply for a REDcard

The Target REDCard

Target has been kind enough to introduce me to the REDCard. Trust me- you will be tempted to decline it when you are offered the opportunity to get it, as I first was. I don’t know about you, but I’m conditioned to say no whenever a store offers me their card, and they all do.

However, the Target REDCard is diffierent, and you might want to take a second look at this amazing card.

The first key benefit of the card is you automatically get a 5% discount on your purchases when you used it. It might sound small, but it is well worth it in the long haul as that can add up quickly based on an average family’s shopping needs.

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Now, I’m not saying for you to go on shopping till you drop. But when you use the card to make the important purchases that you would have been making anyways, the Target REDCard 5% discount is a good deal for your family budget.

Secondly, the Target REDCard offers you free shipping for almost all purchases. Some companies, like Target, have started to go after Amazon lately. And the key way they’re doing it is by increasing their online presence and offering good shipping and delivery options. With Target now, you can get most of your online purchases to your doorstep without paying a dime. Sweet!!!

It’s not a Credit Card

So, you’re probably wondering, how does the Target REDCard work? Well, the first thing you should know is that it is not a credit card. They do have a store credit card, but that isn’t what I’m talking about here.  I’m talking about the REDCard debit.

When you sign up for the REDCard, the card gets linked to your bank account. From there, it becomes almost like a debit card for you. When you make purchase, you get the discount, and then the amount is automatically debited from your account.  It’s just like if you had used your bank debit card, but with the bonus of a discount.

You don’t have to fill out a credit application, and there are no credit card payments or interest charges to worry about.

Save 5% and get Free Shipping at Target – Apply for a REDcard

Avoid the Hassle

If your Target is like mine, sometimes the checkout line can be crowded and timewasting. For a working mom on the go, spending a lot of time trying to find what you need, and then waiting in a long line to pay for it isn’t what you want on your weekly bucket list. That’s why I’m trying to do more of my shopping online, when it’s convenient for me.

With Target, you can make all your purchases without leaving the comfort of your home. Right from your computer, you can get all you need to keep your home running. And, with the REDCard, you can make your purchases outside the store, the same way you would do if you were in the store, and still get the 5% discount.  It is very fast and easy to handle.

Has the Target REDCard made my life better? Yes, I wish I had signed up the first time I was offered the card. Do I think you should try it out? Absolutely. The Target REDCard not only offers you discounts, it provides you with the flexibility you need as a working mom.

Save 5% and get Free Shipping at Target – Apply for a REDcard

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