Why Call Centers Wasn’t the Right Side Income Job for Me


As Brittany is about to share, sometimes finding the right side income job can be more difficult than it would seem.

If you’ve been following our blog, you’ll notice I’ve spent a lot of time talking about ways to earn a side income.  That’s because, as a stay-at-home Mom, I have been looking for ways to ease back into work and make some income.

I have thrown out several ideas so far. And most, if not all of them, I have tried at one point or another. I have found that generating side income comes with a lot of trial and error! I have had success in some areas, and will share those as they happen.

This week I’m going to talk about one of my failures.

Call Centers

There are plenty of call centers that offer work from home positions. That is fantastic for people who are accustomed to that type of work. I am one of those people. I worked in a couple different call centers, had formal training in telecommunications and also worked for an emergency dispatch facility in the past. So I would say that I am accustomed to that type of work!

When remote positions for call centers starting showing up in my job searches, needless to say, I was thrilled! This was my “perfect match” kind of job! And I even started thinking of times that I would be able to work and how I was going to make it happen. This was going to work out for me!

First Application

The first place that I applied was Amazon. They advertised everywhere that they were hiring work from home customer service employees. So I went to the website, found the application, and filled out all of my basic, personal information. The next section of the application was availability.

It asked if I have full open availability. I checked no, because that was the truth and filled out the days and times I would be available. I clicked next and it took me to a page that said something like “sorry, but you currently aren’t a good fit for the position. You must have open availability. Please try back when you can meet this requirement.” Ugh….well that was quick.


The next place I tried was Skyes. I had read up on a bunch of legit work from home call centers and this company was on a good deal of the lists I found. So let’s give it a go! This one was pretty easy to apply to and it had set schedules that I could pick from. They required a quiet workplace during working hours.

So I picked my shift and continued on to the next step which was preparing to sign up for training. I had to select a date and time to start training. And during this process, I realized that this particular company operated in a completely different time zone than I was in!

I’m not sure how I didn’t notice before. Maybe it was the excitement of maybe starting a new job or the exhaustion but whatever it was, the time zone was an issue. Even if it was just an hour difference, my availability wasn’t going to line up with their schedule.

Moving on…

The more applications I filled out and processes I started, the more I realized that unless I would be able to set my own hours, work from home call center positions weren’t going to be a good fit for me or my non-stop, bouncing off the wall, screaming at the top of her lungs, three year old daughter.

After the 4th or 5th application I started, I decided that it was time to move on to a different avenue for generating side income. But no matter how many times I failed with this, I didn’t get discouraged!

We have to dust off, move on, and try something different!

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2 thoughts on “Why Call Centers Wasn’t the Right Side Income Job for Me

  1. Yes! That’s for sure!! No worries tho! Moving on to bigger and better things. Plus my daughter will be starting school this year and options on the working side will be a little more open!

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