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I first heard about Trunk Club from some of the other girls in my office. I had shared that I was thinking of trying out Stitch Fix, and they told me to try out Trunk Club instead. Luckily, Trunk Club is exactly what I got this past Christmas from my husband.  And now, I know exactly why the other girls love it so much.

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Trunk Club is a clothing subscription service from Nordstrom. I LOVE this store.

You can browse via the app on your phone or browse online from a desktop or laptop, and once you’re online, it’s time to set up your user profile.

Setting up your profile

The way your profile gets set up is by providing information that helps them in selecting clothing for you. They show you pictures of different outfits that are grouped by category, and you tell them the items you like.

The answers you provide are important because it’s how the stylist that is assigned to you will get a feel for the types of clothes you are looking for. As part of this process, you’ll also answer specific questions about your physical measurements, such as height and weight, and also the sizes you normally wear for dresses, tops, pants, jeans, suits, shoes and outerwear.

Once you’ve done all of that, you’re ready for them to ship you your first trunk.
But wait, actually, you’re not ready yet.

After you request your first shipment, the stylist that is assigned to you will step in and ask you some more questions. They will ask you about fabric preferences, how you like your clothes to fit you, like tight, loose, petite sizes etc. After you have answered all of the questions then they will go ahead and ship you first trunk.

Trunk Club

I thought the back and forth with all of the questions was a little cumbersome. After several of these, I started to nudge the stylist to just go ahead and do the shipment. I understand why she was asking all the question though, they are trying to tailor things as close as they can to your preferences. That’s not a bad thing.

The Shipment

Once you pay an upfront styling fee of $25, which can be applied towards your order, the shipment goes out.

While I was waiting for it, I got an email with a preview of what was coming. The anticipation was building. It took about a week or so, then it showed up. It arrived in a big cardboard box, that kind of looked like a trunk.

This is what my trunk looked like when it arrived. It had a nice touch.

For my first shipment, I selected a pair of black dress pants, a white sweater, a white blouse, and a gray blazer.

Once you get the shipment, they give you four days to try on the clothes. After that, you need to send back the items you don’t want.

What’s really nice is you can use the app to tell them what you’re keeping and what you are sending back, and you have the opportunity to give specific feedback. This is helpful for your stylist to use when they put your next trunk together.

For this shipment, I decided to keep the black dress pants, and the white sweater. The Blazer was simply to heavy for the Florida climate, so I decided to send that back with the shirt.

As far as the other two items I decided to keep, I will be wearing those to work often. The simple black and white colors will match anything.


Unfortunately, the pants weren’t ready for me to wear right out of the package. Even at the petite length they were too long and needed to be hemmed. But, with Trunk Club, you can your items in to a local Nordstrom, and their alterations department will do basic alterations for free.

It took a few days to get them back, but the alterations department was great to work with. They treated me well when I bought them in, and again when they were ready for pick up.

I think they did a great job, and I love my new clothes.

What do you think?

Trunk Club

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