Three great exercises you can do at home to tone up


Let’s be honest, if you have kids, and you have a job, there isn’t much time leftover for anything else.  Even if you just have kids, and stay at home, there’s a constant stream of activity that keeps you occupied.  Either way, there usually just isn’t much time left over to exercise, let alone go to the gym.

But nobody likes the thought of slowly turning into a couch potato just because they have kids.  After I had my son, it took me a little while before I realized I wasn’t taking care of myself like I should have been.  I decided I needed to get myself into some sort of workout routine.

So we picked up a used elliptical at the local sporting goods store, and I got started. I found time when I could, and got myself into the habit of using it three or four times a week.  That was just the beginning, but it was much better than what I had been doing (nothing).

You don’t need an elliptical to start getting back into shape.  As a matter of fact, there are tons of other exercises you can do right at home with little to no equipment.  To help, I’ve picked out what I think are three good ones, and I’ll share my thoughts on why.

Just a quick disclaimer, I am not a fitness trainer.  I’m not even a fitness expert. I’m just sharing from my own personal experience, and what I’ve picked up from others. If you are a fitness trainer, and have suggestions on other exercises, please let me know.

Number 1- Bicycle crunches

Why I like them- The area I always feel like I could do more with is my tummy.  I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt like I needed to work my abs, whether it’s sit-ups, leg lifts, or one of my favorites- Bicycle Crunches.  This exercise works out a wide area of your abdomen, and is a good way to help strengthen your core.

One trick you can do is to rotate your ab exercises from workout to workout. Try cycling though other good ones for the abs, like leg lifts, sit ups, planks, leg pull ins, etc, to hit all the muscles in your core and not just a small subset all the time.

Number 2- Dumbbell Shoulder Press

This is one of my favorite exercises (besides running) for a couple reasons.

Why I like them- This exercise not only works your shoulders, but it also helps tone your triceps (the bottom part of your arm when you hold your arm straight out), and your abs as well.

Wait, what? Your Abs? Yes, any type of upper body workout like this also helps to strengthen your core. Fix the underside of my arms and work my tummy too?  I’ll take it.

Number 3- Burpees

A little more intense than your typical exercise

Why I like them- Ok, who said I like them? I don’t.  I hate them. But the reason I hate them is because they are such a great and intense workout exercise.  Burpees work out your lower body, your upper body, and your core.  If you want a maximum impact exercise you can do at home with no equipment, this is your one.

So those are my three great exercises you can do at home to start to tone up (or keep in shape).  Do you do these?

By the way, if you are a fitness trainer, and have other tips you’d like to share, reach out to me.  I’d love to have you guest post here.

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2 thoughts on “Three great exercises you can do at home to tone up

  1. I always find it so hard to work out! Especially if my brats…I mean kids are home! If I am in the floor for any reason, I turn into their playground equipment! lol These are great tips tho! Thank you. And p.s. I’m loving the big smile you have going in all of the pics! You ROCK!!!

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