This Is US-  I love this show, I hate this show


Every once in a while, a really good TV show comes along, and it’s really good.  Really, really, good.  So good that you find yourself coming back for the newest episode the following week to see what happens because you’ve already binge watched the series up to it’s current episodes.

And we aren’t talking about a sitcom that you can watch with literally no brain cells left after the end of the day and still enjoy.  We’re also not talking about a fast-talking script with rhythm in such a way where the actors are just tossing out all the medical terms (think ER) or legal terms (think any of the Law and Order franchise shows) with a thin storyline surrounding it.

We are talking about This Is US.

What makes this series so spectacular?  Why are so many people drawn to it?  It’s not an action-packed show ending with a cliff hanger every episode.  So what is it about this show that anyone in the family can enjoy?

I love this Show

It’s a show that pulls every emotion inside of you whether you want to or not.  Siblings, parents,  adoption.  It’s about relationships, growing up, and growing old.  Reminiscing. Flashbacks.  Woven story lines in such a way you care about every character.  Even if their role seems minor at first, it gets explored later on.

Season 1 is mostly about the introduction of a young married couple, Jack and Rebecca, that end up having triplets.  Through a difficult birth, they end up losing one of the babies.  Then through an unexpected circumstance, they adopt a baby at the hospital also born on the same day as their babies.

These children, Kevin, Kate, and Randall, are known as the Big Three.

From this point on, the series weaves through different timelines.  First it covers the relationship of Jack and Rebecca as a young married couple raising their three triplets.  In the future timeline, it explores the lives of Kevin, Kate and Randall as adults.

Season 2 focuses more of the big 3 as adults, and their relationships with their current families.

When explaining the show like this, it doesn’t sound super suspenseful, does it?  What is all the buzz about?  Why is it filling all of our Facebook feeds every day when new episodes come out?  It’s the story telling.  And it’s the actors.  And it’s a very special ensemble crew where every person was cast perfectly.  The young actors playing the Big Three as children are amazing.  The adult ensemble cast is just as special.

I hate this show

I have several complaints about the show, though.  After talking about this with several friends and coworkers, I know that I am not alone in my sentiments.

This show needs to lighten up in a major way. I cry after watching every episode.  Not every other episode.  Not when something major happens.  Every. Single. Episode.

And I’m not the only one!

Spoiler alert.  If you aren’t caught up on the show- stop reading.

Someone dies.  Actually, several people die.  But we are expecting this.  They build up to it for so long that you know it’s coming. But when it happens, it still hits you.

But that’s not enough.  They keep the character in the show- for flashbacks in every single episode.  Someone runs away.  Or someone gets married.  Or someone get’s mad at someone for a legitimate reason.  There is always something tugging at your emotions.

It’s not just what happens, the topics are always heavy too

Almost too heavy.  I don’t feel like I am being preached at yet-  but it’s close.    Foster kids.  Death.  Relationship with an estranged parent.  Alcoholism.  Rehab.  Eating disorders.  You name it.  These are not light topics at all, but they are all covered on a regular basis.

This is US- You’re too much. You need more humor in your show.  Lighten up the moments.  I did enjoy this one liner from Season 2, episode 18 (the latest episode) – when Beth’s cousin says to her after not seeing her in a long time, “you’ve got no right having that body after two kids”.  Let’s face it, Beth looks amazing.  She is almost too good looking to be on this show. We could use a little more of that humor sprinkled about.

The characters are self-absorbed and self-destructive

Kevin’s alcoholism is hard to watch.  Putting the children in danger almost turned me off the show.  Kate and Toby’s eating disorders are also hard to handle.  Not showing self-control and struggling makes you want to yell at the TV.   Randall constantly getting distracted and putting his family through his anxiety attacks makes you want to say- snap out of it!  All of these are explored deeply.  Nothing is done quickly and lightly.

Will I keep watching?

As long the writing stays good, I will tune in.   If it starts to lose its way after a few more seasons (like most shows do), I will have to find another series to obsess over and critique.  After all, this is us.  Working Moms looking for the outlet after doing everything that we do every day.  We love it and we hate it.

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3 thoughts on “This Is US-  I love this show, I hate this show

  1. I havent seen it. But it seems like I cry slot more often than i use to when I watch tv so I try to stick to scary, action and comedy to keep myself from crying more often than I need to! Lol 🤣

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