Things that make ME Nervous


As Brittany is about to share, she’s got a thing or two to be nervous about-

For those of you who have been with us from the beginning, or even just took some time to scroll through our earliest posts, you may know that one of the first things Candace shared on this blog were some thoughts on things that make her nervous. It is a short piece on how moms can be overprotective, and how even the slightest signs of danger can make us super nervous.

I’m gonna expand on that topic a little bit.

A World full of Dangers

We all know the world is full of danger. It can be a mean place at times. There are the small dangers, like paper cuts and scraped knees. And of course, there are the BIG ones, like car accidents, stranger danger, or broken bones. And even freak accidents, like being struck by lightning, falling trees, or rock slides.

I could go on and on, but I won’t, because it might cause me an anxiety attack!

When they’re Babies

Babies are SUPER scary! Anyone that says otherwise must not be around them very often. They are especially scary when they get to that age when they can start to explore. They want to put everything in their mouth, or into electrical outlets. They try to get into toilets, trash cans and anything else they get their hands on. “Baby proofing” helps a little bit, but you still can’t turn your back for even a split second. It’s just sheer terror!!

The Toddlers

By the time they reach this stage, you might think the terror will (or at least should) start to fade a little. They are bigger, smarter, and learning common sense. So, it should be easier right? WRONG!

This stage is just as bad, if not worse, as the baby stage.

This stage brings jumping on and off of furniture, climbing up and down stairs, running and falling. A lot of falling. For my family, it means the beginning of ride on toys.

We first started with the little ride on push toys. From there, we gradually moved to 6 volt power wheels. The little four wheelers with the push button on the handlebars and the small one speed cars.

They loved those and mastered them in no time at all. So the next step was the 12 volt.

They seemed bigger and more secure, but they were also faster and caused me a ton of stress! My son picked up on it pretty quick, and he is pretty cautious.

My daughter, on the other hand, is an absolute maniac.

She would jump in, throw it in high gear, and floor it! She actually crashed into the neighbors car once, bringing an end to her short lived driving career for awhile.

My son is pretty much a pro at the 12 volt. I don’t worry so much about him driving those anymore. It’s even kind of fun watching him. He can do three point turns and everything. It’s pretty cute actually. But just like with the others, he is used to it and it’s not as much fun for him anymore.

His birthday is this month. He will be a big 5 years old. My husband thought it would be a great idea to get him a real GAS POWERED four wheeler for his birthday. He ended up finding one online for a pretty good price, and against my better judgment (and my overwhelming mom fear) we bought it.

My husband fixed it up, and we gave it to him a couple days ago.

Giving Me a Heart Attack

My husband showed him the ropes and walked around with him for the first few days. He made sure that he knew all the basics. He made sure he could work the brakes and helped him get the hang of things. Like I said before, he is very cautious (thank goodness!). He had been taking it very slow. But I’m still an absolute nervous wreck everytime I see him on it!

My daughter is going to be 4 in September. Of course when she saw what Bubby got, she wanted one too! Or at least a turn on his. Remember when I said that she is a maniac? She already flipped it while her daddy was even walking with her. Thank goodness no one was hurt and I wasn’t there to see it. My husband said it wasn’t as bad as it sounds, but I’m sure, had I been there, I would have had a heart attack.

Since she can’t, even a little bit, handle the gas powered four wheeler, we ended up getting her a pink power wheels four wheeler (12 volt) for her early birthday present. After being out there with them both riding, I’m not sure how I’m still alive! Maybe with more time and experience, my fears and worries will die down a bit. Yeah right!

Never Better

With 2 older boys and an older step daughter, I already know that these mom fears will never leave. Whether it’s a trip and fall, four wheeler flip, or learning to drive….as a mom, there is always something to make us nervous. Please, please, please…..wish me luck!! And to all you moms out there…I wish you luck as well!!

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