There’s an App for that (of course there is)


So how does a Working Mom keep her stuff together?  There’s an app for that.

How do we remember the playdates, birthday parties, parent teacher conferences?  There’s also an app for that.  Field trips?  Yep, there’s another app for that.  Money for book fairs?  And this one too.  Money for sports?  As well as this one.  Load lunch money on your child’s lunch account?

We are working women.  We are so busy.  Need to remember when Aunt Flo is coming to town?  There’s an app for that too!

Let’s take a look to see how I keep my sanity together (or die trying!)

Grocery Store/Recipe Manager

How do you remember to pick certain things up from the grocery store?  How do you remember to even stop at the grocery store?  I really like this app: Paprika.

I’ve been using it for over 3 years now.  I like that it has a meal planner function, grocery store lists, and recipe manager.  All 3 of these integrate with each other.  And you can have them on multiple devices.  Pull the recipe up on your iPad as you’re in the kitchen cooking.  Load it on your husband’s phone, so he can add stuff to the grocery list.  Export your items from a recipe on to the grocery list.  Sync with all of your devices.  This app is a bargain and a work horse.

Restaurant Reviews

How about-  how do you remember that one restaurant on the north side of town that you’ve always wanted to try?  On Yelp You can literally search this way.  Check out my screenshot below. 

There is a reason this app has been around as long as it has and it’s still tried, tested and fairly true.  I love it because Yelp ratings can’t be edited or removed.  So outside of the comment section on Facebook (where your friends post) or Instagram, where your foodies friends do all of their posts- this stuff is pretty honest and will steer you towards (or away) from those places you have been wanting to check out.

Craft Beer recommendations

How many working moms drink craft beer?  If you ask any parent at my son’s elementary school, it might be all of them.  We love it almost as much as our mommy juice (wine).  That’s why you need UNTAPPD.

Outside of working out, and shopping- this is also how we de-stress and try not to kill our offspring.  I came across this app back when I was doing a happy-hour with a coworker.  I  tried and liked an unfamiliar beer, but how was I going to be able to remember it and order it again in the future?

Because of priorities- someone really smart, who really likes to drink beer, came up with this app.  It helps you remember watering and holes and beers on tap.  You can rate them.  Or recommend to a friend.

Calendar apps

I’m going straight mainstream here, there’s nothing better than Google Calendar.  I love this because you can use it basically on any mobile device, cell phone, tablet, computer, or even on your Apple Watch.

Google also has a neat iCal feature- where you can cut and paste any calendar link into your settings to add another calendar.  Then it will show up on any device you have added this to.  I use it for my favorite sports teams, national holidays, and even some of my kid’s activities.

Divorced or separated?

Yep, there’s now a co-parenting app-  AppClose. You can use it to help stay on the same page with someone that you share parental responsibility with.

With this app, you can text with any of your contacts who are also using the app, keeping all your parenting communications in one location. And if things are really contentious, this feature even includes the ability to communicate with your attorney confidentially, and export any communications between you and your contacts if needed for any reason.


There’s even more apps for that

I haven’t even scratched the surface yet.  Trying to get to places on time.  Trying to meet deadlines.  Trying to remember every little detail of what you’re supposed to do, where you’re supposed to go and who you’re supposed to meet. As we are pulled in a million directions, it’s very hard with today’s fast paced schedules of keeping track of everything.

I’m married, a parent,  working full time, and trying to keep it together. I don’t think I could do it without all of these great apps.

I am somewhat of a technology geek, and  I love having the (almost) latest iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and now even a touch screen laptop.  I feel like being this plugged in  helps me.  What about you?  Do you view technology as a friend, or would you rather keep it old school and simple?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.

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One thought on “There’s an App for that (of course there is)

  1. I love my calendar apps I would never ever remember ANY appointments at all ever…..without my google calendar. And I love that I can set up repeating reminders for bills and stuff and I can use it on any device. lol Its on my husbands phone, my iPhone, my kids tablet…..everything!! How much is paprika? I think I could get some use from it too!

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