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As a working mom, it’s hard to find the time to keep up with all of the personal grooming that it takes to make it look like we have our sh*t together. Let alone every morning when we walk out the door and head to work.

Trying to keep on top of manicure and pedicure appointments, eyebrow threading or waxing, and hair appointments that include, cut, color and styling.  How do we fit this all in?  How do we stay on top of it?  Sometimes it’s probable easier to let the manicure or pedicure slide.  Or maybe accept the fact that you don’t have to have your eyebrows perfect or hair done.

No matter what- trying to get it all done before heading out of town, is next to impossible.  Which is what I found myself facing this past week as I was heading out for our anniversary trip to Miami.

Let me back up a bit.  One thing that has been tricky for me since moving to Florida 3 years ago, was putting together my new glam squad.  I finally have it together.  After several mishaps and finally some awesome recommendations from close friends, I have someone I can go to.

Taming your hair in the Florida humidity is hard.  It just plain sucks.  Especially when you have a coarse head of hair like I do.  Also, especially when you are a runner, and you try to sneak morning runs in to exercise and manage stress levels.

So then- how do you wash your hair, dry it, and still look presentable for work while being a Mom?  Enter the Brazilian Blowout.

Some salons use this term generically, similar to the way some people refer all tissue as Kleenex®.  However, Brazilian Blowout® is the main company behind this process, and they have their own line of products for this. There is even a certification process they do for salons to do this.

What exactly is a Brazilian Blowout?

A Brazilian Blowout is a hair treatment process that seals the cuticle on every strand of hair, giving it a smooth and sleek design.  It’s for people that have wavy or curly hair who want a smooth, sleek straight design.    This process also helps lock in any color treated hair as well.

I had been sitting on the fence about trying this, until one of my friends recommended a stylist who talked me into it.


A Brazilian Blowout can be quite expensive depending on the stylist or salon that you select.  Prices range from $200-$500 per treatment.  My color was $105, and the Brazilian Blowout was $200.00.   The cost will also vary depending on your hair length.


The process takes a while.  Mine took over 3 hours, but this was partially because I was also getting my hair colored.   But when you schedule your first appointment, allow for plenty of time.

The Brazilian Blowout Process

First, my stylist had to apply the color to my hair as she normally does.

After the color sits and sets, it is shampooed and conditioned, and then lightly dried.

Next, she applied the Brazilian Blowout product to my hair.  The texture is similar to the gooey paste that is used when applying the color.  It’s pretty thick and syrupy.

The next step is what takes the longest.  She dried the hair completely, and apparently trying to blow dry this gooey pasty hair isn’t easy.

I love my stylist.  It’s a tedious process, but she takes her time.  She dried every single strand of hair.

After my entire head was dry, she had to flat iron every single hair.  This is what seals the cuticle, and the product to your hair.  This also takes time.

But it’s incredibly important to do it right.  Once the entire head is flat ironed- it’s washed again. And then finally blow dried again.  That is the final step.

 How long does a Brazilian Blowout  last

After hearing how expensive it is, you’re probably wondering how long does the blow out last.  Depending on your hair, it can last as long as 10-12 weeks.

However, if you use the Brazilian Blowout® Açai branded products, like the shampoo, conditioner and bonding spray (setting you back around another $85), it can last almost 5 months.

Is it worth it? 

So far, I love it.  It makes for an always polished, finished style.  No frizz.  It’s controlled, extremely soft and very easy to manage.  It makes the color stand out more, and your hair dries faster too.

This isn’t a permanent style.  Your hair will eventually start to revert back to its original wave and curl.  But, the more treatments you get in the future, the more the hair is trained, and the healthier it becomes.

A main disadvantage of the Brazilian blowout, besides the cost, is the time required to get it done. When scheduling your appointment, you have to carve out a pretty big block of time.

One other thing to be aware of, there are a few articles out there that talk about there being formaldehyde in the product. Most minimalize the concern, and it’s more relevant for the stylists that work with the product daily.

My Final opinion?

I’ve been running (in the rain).  I’ve washed my hair with the recommended products, and gave myself a blow out as well as finished it off with a flat iron. I think its held up great.  I love it. What do you think?

I hope it lasts the 5 months. I will use the products and give it its best shot.

By the way, I’d like to give a special shout out to Candy at Candy’s Hair & Wax salon for doing this. If you’re ever here in Tampa, she’s the one you need to see.

Have you gotten a Brazilian Blowout?  Tell me what you thought of it.

UPDATE- If you want to see how my Blowout has held up, check out this update.

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