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I am a light sleeper, plain and simple.  The slightest noise from elsewhere in the house is all it takes to wake me up, and take me from a restful night’s sleep to one followed by many cups of coffee. At least, many more than I normally have in a day.

Our last home was in a denser part of town, so there were plenty of outside noises to wake me up. In order to prevent this from happening, we started to use white noise in our bedroom to help muffle the various sounds one might hear at night. Humidifiers, air purifiers, we used whatever we could to create that background noise.

Even though we live in a quieter part of town now, we still use the white noise at night. It’s something we’re used to, and count on for a good night’s rest.

Recently, AuCuTee provided us with one of their products to try out- the White Noise Machine Model S5.  Say what? A device just for making white noise?  I couldn’t wait to try this out.

First Appearance

The black box measures approximately 6” x 6”, and is just a hair over a half inch tall.  So, it’s about the size of my hand with fingers stretched out.

Small enough to fit in your palm

I like the size of the machine.  It’s small and compact.  As I mentioned, we were using an air purifier to create our white noise, which is a tall tower from floor to the height of our bed. You’re not going to take that with you when you travel.

But the AuCuTee machine is small enough it will fit on any bedside table, and it is small enough to throw in a purse or carry-on or suitcase if you wish to travel with it.


The model we tried comes with 20 unique sounds: Lullaby 3, white noise, pink noise, gray noise, brown noise, fan, cracking fire, clock ticking, train, crickets, frogs, birds, rain, thunderstorm, stream, ocean, shush, womb sound, Lullaby 1 and Lullaby 2.

Some of the sounds are kind of interesting, like thunderstorm.  It sounded just like the typical storms that blow through Tampa daily during the summer. The womb sound is definitely different, and kind of sounds like a heartbeat.  White Noise is exactly what it sounds like, and is the one I use for sleeping.

The volume has 7 levels, so you are able to adjust it accordingly to suit your needs.

One thing we noticed is the first night using it, the buttons on the machine are not lit up.  Until you become fully comfortable where all of the buttons are, you may want to set it up before lights out.

This is a plug-in device, but if for some reason you don’t have a power outlet near your bed where you would like to play the device (i.e. if you take it with you camping) you can charge it ahead of time, and it can play for up to 10 hours off of its battery.

One of the features the device has are three built-in timer options (30/60/90 minutes), so you can have it play just long enough to help you, or a child, fall asleep.  If you don’t select one of the timer options, it will play until you turn it off. 

Final Verdict

Overall, we like this little white noise machine.  It does exactly what it’s supposed to do, without taking up much space.  I wish I had found this a long time ago

And it’s definitely coming with us the next time we travel. Hopefully it’s the solution to finally getting a good night’s rest at a hotel.

If you have small children, especially infants or newborns, this could be a great option for helping them through their naps.  I would have definitely liked to have had this when my son was that age.

In short, this is a handy little product.

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