Summer Fun!


Does being Mom to four kids mean four times the Summer Fun? Let’s see what Brittany has to say on it-

As of last week, my kids are officially on summer break from school. Summer is always a fun time. Of course, there is the excruciating heat, the swarms of bugs, and kids are out of school for two months straight.

Fun, fun and more fun

But seriously, there is also a ton of true fun to be had when summer rolls around.

The Anticipation

Summer is a highly anticipated time of year. Kids are always counting the number of days until summer break, I think starting on the first day of school. Kids love Summer because bedtimes and routines are out the window. Early mornings and rushing to get ready are in the rear view.

Plus, there are tons of things to do, and maybe an actual vacation or two that might happen during summer.

Parents have to anticipate summer break too. But unfortunately for us, it’s not in a good way.

Though schedules and routines aren’t in the minds of children, they certainly are on the minds of parents. Babysitters and child care arrangements during work hours since there is no school to watch them for us. Summer camps, vacation planning, and all the other activities we have to plan to keep kids active and engaged, instead of becoming video game zombies, or otherwise couch potatoes.

Shew….I’m exhausted just thinking about it!


My very favorite part of summer is all of the water activities! It’s finally warm enough to be outside most of the day. But sometimes it gets a little too hot, especially for the littles.

So what to do? Bring out the water!

Swimming pools, of course, are always great! We had a little three foot pool set up last year and the kids LOVED it!

The bigger kids had to stay on their knees to be covered but the littles could touch bottom. With arm floats and rings around their belly, they had a blast and learned the swimming basics. My husband and I even got in and had a blast with it.

Since we moved recently, we haven’t gotten it back up yet. But we can still pack up and swim at my dad’s, or at one of the many local pools in our area.

More Water

When access to my dad’s pool is denied, or I don’t feel like packing everything or everyone up to go swim, there are still tons of water activities to keep my kids busy for hours. Water balloons are a top favorite in my house! And with the easy fill, self-tying, balloons they have these days, filling several water balloons takes less than a minute.

Water guns are another winner! You better steer clear though if you don’t want to get wet. My kids are dangerous with a water gun in hand, and they do not discriminate! You have your phone in your pocket? Don’t want to get your hair wet? So sorry mom, you are our number one target!!

Sprinklers, slip n slides, even just getting the water hose out will keep my kids busy for hours. And the best part is….they are running around, exercising without knowing it, and wearing themselves down for an early bedtime and restful night!! That’s always a plus in my book!!

Other Summer Activities

You didn’t think my husband would skip out on Summer, did you?

I’m not sure how it is everywhere else, but around here there are a couple summer programs that kids can participate in during their break from school. There are reading, math, dance, acting, art programs along with a list of others. Most of them are pretty much just daily classes instead of camps. There are some stay away camp programs as well, but not as many to choose from.

The only problem with these programs is they pretty much always cost a pretty penny. And I know that there is no price that can be put on our children’s education, but when you have multiple children, you might have to dip into a college fund to make it happen!

This Summer

Instead of dipping into college funds to facilitate summer programs that may or may not be worth the truck load of money, I think that we are going to try for a trip to the beach! One of my favorite family memories from my childhood is when my parents loaded everyone up, hooked the pop-up camper to the truck, and drove us to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina for a week.

This summer, my husband and I are trying to plan a surprise trip to the beach. My husband and the littles have never seen the ocean, and other than a trip to the aquarium/zoo right after my daughter started walking, we haven’t really taken an actual family vacation. So, there is no better time to do so than the week before school starts back.

By the way, if you’re taking any long trips with the kids this year, I strongly receommend getting them some CozyPhones.

Anyways, hopefully our trip will be an amazing experience for everyone. We will all come home refreshed, stress free and super happy. We still have some planning to do, and a few small obstacles to overcome to make it happen, but I’m confident that we will make it work! Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

Do you have plans this summer? What activities do you and your family enjoy during summer break? Let us know in the comments!!

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2 thoughts on “Summer Fun!

  1. Yes! I love Summer!

    We don’t have a pool, but with the sprinklers and slip and slide, my kids are perfectly happy.

    I hope your family enjoys the beach vacation!

    1. Thank you Susan! I hope it turns out great also! Fingers crossed! Summer is one of the best seasons! It might be hot but there is so much fun to be had!! 😃

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