Summer Activities on a Budget


Looking for things to do with the kids over the Summer, without spending a lot of money? Brittany’s got some ideas for you!

I think that I have already mentioned that I LOVE summer. The nice weather and no school gives plenty of opportunities for some family fun. But after all the summer camps, family vacations and backyard barbecues…it can get a little pricey. And as we all know, money is a big factor. So I have found some fun activities that cost little to no money that my kids enjoy just as much as the high dollar attractions.

Local Parks and Library

This one is always fun. The kids love the park. Swings, slides, seesaws, other kids to play with….what’s not to love! Plus there is all the equipment to climb on, over, and under. My kids especially love the swings. They also have a pond and water fountains and one of them has tons of ducks the kids can feed!

One of our local parks also has a branch of our local library on the same property. So if they get too hot or just need a break, we can walk over to the library. I’m not sure how all the other libraries are set up but ours has the entire basements designated for kids.

They have a huge fish tank, touchscreen computers setup with only educational, kid appropriate games, art supplies, toys and puzzles. And of course they have books, movies, and activity packs that can be checked out.

Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are also an inexpensive way to have fun and can keep the kids busy for awhile. This can also be made educational buy having them find different nature related items and by having them solve riddles or math problems.

Another way to add a fun twist to it is to set up stations. You could have them work in teams and complete an egg or water balloon toss a certain number of times to get their next clue or item to find. Hula hoops, jump ropes, or jumping jacks could also be incorporated. You get the idea.


This activity could actually turn into a full days worth of fun. We have a creek at the bottom of our hill. So we take a “nature walk” to the creek. Then we spend some time catching tadpoles, minnows, and crawdads. Then we collect rocks. Pretty rocks, shape rocks, colorful rocks, and/or flat rocks. Then we walk back home and paint the rocks!

Pick Berries (eating or finger painting)

Around here, we can find blackberry bushes all over the place. The kids enjoy picking them but we have to be careful because of the thorns. Once they are picked, they can be washed an eaten. We usually add a little sugar to them. Or they can even be used for finger painting! Honeysuckles are fun too.


Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned campfire?? Personally I love them. Just sitting around a fire and relaxing can be good for the soul on its own. Add some hot dogs and ingredients for s’mores and that equals fun for the whole family. Plus the family gets fed without dirtying too many dishes. Win win!

Outdoor Fun

I love summer! I firmly believe that being outside is part of a healthy, happy childhood. So we spend a good chunk of our time outside when it’s possible. These are just some of the things that can be done outside on a budget. They not only give kids the exercise and fresh air they need, but it also creates lifelong memories for everyone involved!

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2 thoughts on “Summer Activities on a Budget

  1. These are some great ideas. Keeping the kids occupied through the entire summer is always a challenge. I also set up daily water time, when we get the slip and slide out. If the weather is bad, we’ll watch a Disney movie instead. So either way, it’s something the kids look forward to every day.

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