Six Great Ideas to Spice up Your Valentine’s Day this Year


I know I don’t have to tell you fellow Moms that Valentine’s Day is coming up.  But, if your significant other is anything like mine, it’s possible this holiday could come and go without the slightest notice.

Like everything else, if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. And, being the sophisticated lady that you are, just another regular dinner out isn’t going to cut it. That’s why I’ve put together the following six great ideas to help spice up your Valentine’s Day this year.

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Bed and Breakfast

Sometimes all a couple needs to spark things up is some time away from the daily tribulations, including getting away from the kids.  You don’t have to travel far to do this, just try to find a Bed and Breakfast in the next town, or maybe even a remote cabin, to hide away for a day or so.

No electronic devices or tv allowed. If you’re in town, maybe spend the day window shopping and occasionally stopping for a glass of wine. Or you can hide out with a couple books and maybe a bottle or two of your favorite vintage. Light a fire in the fireplace, and maybe top the day off together in a hot tub.

The point is to spend some quiet time together, without interruptions.  Trust me, it’s amazing how much easier it is to reconnect without all the annoyances that you just can’t avoid at home.

 Cooking Class

Yeah, a nice dinner out is not isn’t exactly a bad way to spend valentines.  But how about trying something different, like taking a cooking class together.  It’s another way to get away from everything for a couple hours, and something fun to do together as a couple.

If you live in the city, cooking classes aren’t going to be too hard to find.  You might have to do it on a day other than Valentine’s, but it can still be your special night out.

A quick internet search is all it takes to help you find cooking classes that are available in your area. One option you might want to check out is Sur La Table, as it has locations all over the US, and offers cooking classes.


No matter where you live, hiking and being outdoors can be a lot of fun. And the outdoors is great for talking and bonding.

Leave the kids with a babysitter, and the phones in the car, and just go out and connect with nature.  Try and make it a longer hike, or maybe plan on hitting a coffee house afterwards to warm up and talk some more.  Again, it’s about getting away from all the noise so you can connect as a couple.

Live Theatre

Have a theatre in your town? Skip the movies, and go out and see a live show for Valentines.  No matter where you are, chances are there’s a performing arts venue nearby.  If you’re in a bigger city, you might even be able to catch one of the Musicals that are currently playing, like Hamilton, Les Miserables or The Greatest Showman.

Or, catch something local. You can ask around and try to find something good, or just take a chance. If it’s bad, at least it will give you and your significant other something to laugh about.

Live performances are so fun and quite a different experience than just going to the movies.  It might not be something most guys will do regularly, but this isn’t any regular date night either.

Couples Spa Day

Head out and get the both of you pampered.  Spas, massages and facials can be relaxing for both parties, and a great way to unwind.  There are many packages you can choose from- from basic, to deluxe packages with champagne and the works.

Incorporating this into a long weekend, or even just a one-night get away is sure to help you feel refreshed. But if you’re shooting for Valentine’s week, you better book it now before they fill up.


I’m not referring to going to a nightclub, I’m talking about taking a dancing class together. When was the last time you danced together?  Was it at your wedding?  At someone else’s wedding?  Either way, it was probably fun.  Here’s a way to find out if your partner still has two left feet or not.

There’re usually a couple options to choose from, and you could sign up for anything from Swing Dancing, to Salsa, or even something a little more contemporary. Who knows, you guys might even enjoy it so much you decide to sign up for a couple more.

Spice up your Valentine’s Day this Year

So, there you have it, six great ideas to spice up your Valentine’s day this year. If you want to spark things up with your significant other, you need to get them and yourself out of the normal daily grind.

Make your Valentine’s day something special this year by trying one of these ideas.

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