Side Income Ideas for Working Moms


With four kids to take care of, there’s no doubt Brittany is a Working Mom.  And she’s going to start sharing some of the secrets to her success making a side income as a stay at home Mom.

Ok ladies, Working Mom doesn’t only mean a full time, 9 to 5, office job working mom. It can also mean up all night because of kids, back up making breakfast in the morning, getting everyone out the door, and taking care of the house Working Mom.

Or it can be a little of both. Stay at home Moms that also earn a side income.

I’m sorry, tell me again how being a stay at home Mom is easier than working in an office?

That last one…..that’s what I do. And it’s not easy.

I have tried so many different ways, and researched even more, to make money on the side. Some have worked out for me, some have almost worked, others not so much. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I’m getting much better at this.

So, I’m going to start sharing some ways you Working Moms out there like me can make money on the side. Our first one is a good place to begin.

Odd jobs

This is where I started. It seemed like the quickest and easiest way for me to make my own money on my own time and around my schedule.

I started cutting grass when my mother in law had my kids. I would clean houses or babysit. Landscaping, flower beds, cutting branches, even cleaning gutters. Anything that I could do, for anyone that I knew, whenever I could do it.

Don’t try to do things you aren’t very good at, or don’t enjoy.  If you’ve never mowed a lawn before, or you’re afraid of grass stains, this one probably isn’t for you.

Babysitting and cleaning are both naturals for a lot of ladies, but not others.  Make sure you’re only taking on the work you can actually do.

Leverage the Internet

I also used the internet as a resource. I used Facebook, Craigslist and even an app called Nextdoor.  If you don’t use that last one, it’s a great way for communicating with people in your area or neighborhood.  On it, you can also “advertise” the services you provide.


Now….I do want to put this out there. If you use Craigslist as an avenue, make sure that you are very specific on what you are offering. Because if you don’t, you will most likely get tons of unsolicited, unnecessary, and sometimes very inappropriate responses.

Another tip. If you are going to use the internet to find odd jobs, be safe and be cautious. Having a buddy system, if you are going to someone else’s home, is a smart move at least the first few visits.

And even after that, always make sure that people know where you are going to be and when you should be back. Always trust your instincts.

You also have to watch for scams. Don’t ever give too much personal information or bank accounts to anyone you don’t know.

Make it Work

The good thing about doing work like this, is that you can make it work around your schedule. You can do the work after you drop the kids off at school, or before you pick them up after school. If you don’t have time during the week, you can work on the weekends, or whatever fits your schedule.

Of course, it will still have to work around the other person’s schedule. But it is usually much more flexible than your typical 9-5 job. This is like anything else in life. If you want to make it work, you will have to work at it.


The key thing is to Advertise. Make sure that people know you are willing to do the side jobs. Post online, hang fliers, talk to family and friends.

If you do get a job, do it right and in a timely manner. And if they’re pleased, ask them to spread the word. I got a lot of my best clients through referrals.

Where you can select a service to offer on Craigslist

If you want to make some extra cash, you can make it happen. If you don’t get many responses, or don’t find many jobs, don’t get discouraged!

There are tons of other ways to make side money, and I’m going to talk about them here.

Keep an eye out for our upcoming posts for more ways to make side money, and also make sure to let me know what you think.  Is this helpful?

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