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Working Moms- make extra money from home!  Brittany has a new side income she’d like to share with you- Survey Junkie.  

As you may already know, if you’ve read some of my previous posts, I don’t have a full-time job.

Well, other than being a mom to four kids that is.

Despite the time constraints from taking care of the family, I’ve tried various things to make at least a small income. I’ve had several hits and misses on this over the past couple years, but I think I’ve found one that might be a hit- Survey Junkie

Sign Up

Signing up for Survey Junkie is pretty simple. Especially if you have a Facebook or Google+ account that has an email address that you can access. You click the link that says “Sign up with Facebook” (or Google+.) Then it asks for permission to access your account, pre-fills your information and you are set.

Of course, I can’t ever do things the easy way. The email address I used to sign up with Facebook isn’t the email address I use anymore. But even the “hard” way was still pretty easy. I put in my email address, agreed to the terms and conditions and hit sign up. I then filled out all of my basic information and answered a few other simple questions. Not only was I signed up in 1-2 minutes, I had also gotten my first 100 points!

Layout and Surveys

The layout is pretty straightforward and it doesn’t vary much between mobile and desktop view. The homepage is where you go to see how many points you have and to see if there are any open surveys. It tells you how many points each survey is worth and approximately how long it should take to complete.

If you are using a mobile device, some of the surveys may not be available and will say for desktop only. However, I have only came across a couple of those.

The menu section offers a link to view or change your profile, change or update your account settings, and also FAQs and support options. Under the “My Profile” section (in mobile), or on the left-hand side (desktop), it gives you multiple sections of your profile that you can complete.

This helps the website find better survey matches, and they also reward 10 points for each section completed.

Points and Redemption

One thing I really like about Survey Junkie is the points are pretty straightforward as well. One point equals one penny. So every 100 points is a dollar. Once you reach $10 you can cash out if you choose. Points can be redeemed for cash sent via PayPal, or bank transfer or by an E-Gift card. (Verifications do have to be completed to ensure your cash out isn’t going to the wrong person)

Pros and Cons

So here are my pros and cons for Survey Junkie:

Pros- The layout is easy to navigate. Surveys are easy to find and the important information is displayed before starting. I love that cashing out to my PayPal account or directly to my bank account is an option because it makes funds easily accessible. Most of the surveys don’t take very long, and some points are awarded even if you don’t qualify.

Cons- They do not have an app yet (which is ok because it works great in my phone’s browser.) I do get a lot of emails letting me know when surveys are available and haven’t found a way to reduce them (I suggest using a secondary email if possible.) Some surveys fill up fast (but there are always others available.)

I’d recommend them

This isn’t the first paid survey company I’ve ever tried. But this is the first one that worked well enough I’d feel comfortable referring others to it. The pros definitely outweigh the cons when it comes to this website.

Survey Junkie is my new favorite site to use for doing paid surveys. I probably won’t get rich just off this one service, but it’s a great way to make some side money when I have some free time!

Have you tried Survey Junkie? What are you waiting for?? Click the link, sign up and start your earn your own side income!!

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2 thoughts on “Side Income Idea- Survey Junkie

    1. Hi Susan, thanks for checking this out. This is a great way to make some extra money while watching TV or when you have spare time on your hands.

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