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Brittany has some more side income ideas for Moms-

I hope that my last “side income” post helped at least a few of you! Odd jobs can be a real winner for some, and help bring in some additional cash flow. But some may not have the ability to do side jobs. Whether the limitations are transportation, disability, child care or any other obstacle, not everyone can do it. So, let’s jump into another way to generate income without signing up for a full-time job away from home!

Selling Products

This week we are going to talk about selling products. With the great advantage of the wide reaching, never ending, internet, you can cast a huge net while selling any kind of products. And that’s not even counting what you can sell to friends and family members. There are loads of selling based or direct sales opportunities out there these days.

Avon and Mary Kay

We have all heard of Avon and Mary Kay. Depending on where you live, you probably see more of one or the other.  You might even know a friend or two that is actively selling or has sold in the past. If you haven’t heard of them, they are both self-paced businesses that allow you to sell products while making a commission on items sold.

While there is a lot of overlap between the product categories these two companies offer, there is a little bit of difference. Avon is known for carrying a wider variety of items, like bath and jewelry and items for the home, whereas Mary Kay is more strongly focused on makeup and beauty.

For either company, you do have to pay a small fee for a starter kit, but you are also given a website for online sales, as well as some online training. You can sign up here to be an Avon rep  or Mary Kay rep.

If you’re going to sell one of these, make sure you pick the one your friends are going to be interested in.  Choosing the wrong one could make success an up-hill battle.

One other note, as a bonus, Mary Kay also offers a car to top sellers.  You might have seen the trademark pink Cadillac driving around your town.


This business is based around selling jewelry. There is a fee to get started with this one as well and it is a bit higher than Avon. Depending on the starter pack you choose, it can be considerably higher. The starter packs come in 3 tiers. The “Preview Pack” provides you with 35 pieces of jewelry to begin selling but it will set you back $99. There is also a “Small Home Party Kit” ($299 & includes 120 pieces) and the “Large Home Party Kit” ($499 & includes 200 pieces).

This one is definitely a bit more expensive but if you have jewelry crazed friends or family members or even have a large online following, it may work out for you. Just like with Avon, you earn a commission on whatever you sell. You can host parties at home, community centers, fairs, anywhere that you are allowed. You can also host live events online to sell your inventory. To become a paparazzi rep, go to Paparazzi Accessories, click the menu symbol and select opportunities.

Something a little spicier

This next option may make some of you blush, Pure Romance.  If you haven’t heard of it before, this company’s products are oriented towards improving couple’s lives in the bedroom.  Similar to the other options I’ve mentioned, reps for this company host parties and bring sample products to see and discuss. You can find more here.

Other Products

There are tons of product selling home based businesses out there. Pampered chef (cooking accessories), Origami Owl (jewelry), Scentsy (candles and wax) and Beach Body (workout videos) are just a few other home businesses. There are companies for everything from pet items, to kids clothes and toys, to health and beauty products. So there is something for anyone and everyone. You just have to look and decide what you might be the best at selling.

Also if you have a talent or a trade, you can try selling it. If you make crafts or wreaths, knit, paint,or sculpt, you can sell it. I even seen a girl online doing tarot card/psychic readings for $15 each. Get creative, make sure to advertise, and you can make it work!

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