Running Goal- Week One Objectives


As I shared the other week, I’ve set a goal for myself of running a half marathon at the end of the year. Just like the phrase ‘how do you eat an elephant’, I’m going to train for this one bite at a time.

My Training Plan

Each week, I have a schedule I will be following, with progressively longer runs each week until the race date.  Actually, since the race is six months away, I am going to be doing two cycles of this.  I will spend the next two and a half months ramping up to where I need to be, and then I will take a short break from running, and then start it back up.

You’re probably wondering why I am doing it this way, instead of just doing a slower, continuous ramp up until race day.  There’s two reasons for this.

First, even though I got myself in gear to run a 5k last month, I wasn’t as focused as I should be training for a race.  Honestly, you could barely even call it training.  Like I’ve said before, I never stopped running, I just wasn’t pushing myself like I used to. My preparation for the 5k wasn’t much more than what I had been doing not training.

I’m going to have to be much more focused and disciplined to be ready for the half.  So, the first round of my training will kind of be training myself to train.  I’m going to track my progress, and my impediments, and learn from them.  That way when I start the cycle over again in September, I can work myself up more efficiently and be confident I’ll perform at or better than my last half marathon.

The second reason I’m doing it this way is because it’s summer, and I live in Florida.

At 5:00 am, the temperature is 78 degrees, with 80% humidity. At 7:00p, the humidity is only 70%, but it’s 85 degrees out.  Running is going to be miserable whether I do it in the morning before work, or in the evening after dinner. I’m not going to kill myself training this Summer.

Also, there’s a lot of activity in the Summer too.  We’ve got two out of town trips, plus Summer camps, plus something family-oriented July 4th week, all squeezed into about eight weeks. Again, rather than get frustrated about missed milestones, I’m just going to treat this as practice for the real training.

With that said, here’s my first week of training schedule for next week:

Week One:

Tues: 3 mile run

Wed: 2 mile run or cross training (will almost always be cross training during the summer)

Thu: 3 mile run

Fri: rest (I love rest days!)

Sat: 30 minute cross train

Sun: 4 mile run

Mon: rest

I’ll let you know how I did against this.

You can do it too

Also, if you’ve been considering getting into running, I’d like to encourage you to train along with me.  You wouldn’t have to do the same distances as me, and I can help you come up with a plan that would ease you into it, and maybe even have you ready to do a 5k yourself in September or October if you wanted to.

As Moms, it’s easy for us to not get the exercise we should.  I’m a big proponent of being healthy, not just for yourself, but for your kids too. If you’re not doing any sort of regular exercise, reach out to me, and let’s see if we can find the motivation to get you started.

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