Running Goal- Week 8 Results and Week 9 Objectives

At the beginning of my training, I told you I thought things might be a little rough over the Summer.  With the heat, and the travel, and everything else, I didn’t think I’d be able to follow my training plan very closely.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I continue to increase my distances, while improving my times.  And even last week, a week that included a four day trip out of town, I managed to stay pretty close to my plan and even get my 7 mile run in.

This past week, I was home with my son for the last week of Summer.  So each day, I waited until my husband got home after work, and then ran to the gym to get my workout in.  On Wednesday night, I also had a parent event I had to attend, but I still made it to the gym afterwards to do my run. It was after 9:00 before I finished, but I did it.

I want to give a big thank you to everyone who keeps providing me with their support. I’ve still got a lot of training to go, and I couldn’t do it without you.

This week will be another big one.  After increasing my regular runs to 5 miles, I will rest on Saturday in preparation for a 10k race (most likely virtual) I will be running on Sunday.


Sun: 7 mile Run- COMPLETE.  I did this earlier in the week before leaving town, switching up for a shorter run on the treadmill at the hotel on Sunday.

Mon: Rest

Tue: 4.5 mile run- COMPLETE

Wed: 3 mile run or cross-training- COMPLETE. I did a late 3 mile run.

Thu: 4.5 mile run- COMPLETE.

Fri: Rest

Sat: 50 minute cross-training- COMPLETE.  I did 50 minutes of bench press, curls, and ring rows.


Sun: 8 mile Run

Mon: Rest

Tue: 5 mile run

Wed: 3 mile run or cross-training

Thu: 5 mile run

Fri: Rest or easy run

Sat: Rest

Ready to take me up on my offer to come run with me at the Florida West Coast Half Marathon yet?  How about just getting started running, and maybe shoot for your first 5k this year?

There’s plenty of time to train, and whether you’re an experienced runner or a beginner, I’d love to see you come  do this race with me


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