Running Goal- Week 6 Results and Week 7 Objectives

I’ve set a goal for myself to run a half marathon before year-end. To meet this goal, I’ve signed up for the West Coast Half Marathon that’s going to happen in Sarasota in December, and I’ve started training.  Each week, I’ll share my training objectives, as well as the results from the previous week.  I’d also like to invite you to come run with me.

As I shared last week, I’m now doing my running on a treadmill indoors.  July and August are excruciatingly humid and hot, and I didn’t want to let it impede my training.  I’ve quickly gotten used to this change, and have continued to extend my distance while also working on bringing down my times.  I had some great runs this week, but it wasn’t perfect.

Today is my 5k race day.  I won’t be doing an actual race, but I will try to get one of my best times running it on the treadmill.  I’ll let you know next week how I did.

Here are the results for week six-


Sun: 6 mile run-COMPLETED


Tue: 4 mile run- COMPLETED.

Wed: 2 mile run or cross-training- MISSED.  My schedule is a little chaotic this week, and I let it get me off track today.

Thu: 4 mile run- COMPLETED

Fri: Rest or easy 2 mile run- COMPLETED. I had a pretty busy schedule this day, so it ended up as a rest day.

Sat: Rest- I took advantage of today to make up for my missed cross-training Wednesday.  I did 5 sets each of Bench press, Ring Rows and leg lifts. It was a good workout, and with my upper body focus, shouldn’t impact me for my 5k Sunday. COMPLETED


Sun: 5k race

Mon: Rest

Tue: 4.5 mile run

Wed: 3 mile run or cross-training

Thu: 4.5 mile run

Fri: Rest

Sat: 50 minute cross-training

Ready to take me up on my offer to come run with me at the Florida West Coast Half Marathon yet?  How about just getting started running, and maybe shoot for your first 5k this year?

There’s plenty of time to train, and whether you’re an experienced runner or a beginner, I’d love to see you come  do this race with me!

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