Running Goal- Week 3 Results and Week 4 Objectives

I’ve set a goal for myself to run a half marathon before year-end. To meet this goal, I’ve signed up for the West Coast Half Marathon that’s going to happen in Sarasota in December, and I’ve started training.  Each week, I’ll share my training objectives, as well as the results from the previous week.  I’d also like to invite you to come run with me.

Week three is now in the books.  Due to the July 4th holiday, things were a little bit out of order, but I managed to stay on track overall.  Unfortunately, the humidity didn’t help matters much this week, and combined with my social activities, I was starting to slow down a bit by the end of the week.  With my schedule getting back to the normal grind this week, I also expect my performance to improve.


Sun: 4 mile run- COMPLETED


Tue: 3.5 mile run-  I did cross-training instead, completing 100 sit-ups and 60 (5 sets of 12) shoulder press. COMPLETED.

Wed: 2 mile run or cross-training-  I did the 3.5 mile run today. COMPLETED.

Thu: 3.5 mile run-  Ended up doing a rest day today. COMPLETED.

Fri: Rest- Ended up doing my 3.5 mile run today. COMPLETED.

Sat: 40 min cross-training- MISSED.  After all of the activities this week, and everything I needed to get done today, I did not get this workout in.  However, I’m still planning to do my 5 mile run first thing Sunday.


Sun: 5 mile run

Mon: Rest

Tue: 3.5 mile run

Wed: 2 mile run or cross-training

Thu: 3.5 mile run

Fri: Rest

Sat: 40 min cross-training

Ready to take me up on my offer to come run with me at the Florida West Coast Half Marathon yet?  How about just getting started running, and maybe shoot for your first 5k this year?

It’s still early, and there’s plenty of time to train with me!

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