Running Goal- Week 2 Results and Week 3 Objectives

I set a goal for myself to run a half marathon before year-end. I’ve signed up for the West Coast Half Marathon that’s going to happen in Sarasota in December, and I’ve started training.  Each week, I’ll share my training objectives, as well as the results from the previous week.  I’d also like to invite you to come run with me.

Week two went much better than week one.  I met all of my objectives, and am already starting to feel improvement.  I’ve got a long ways to go, but it’s encouraging that it’s almost July and I haven’t been held back too much yet by the heat or daily storms.  I better get used to it, because not much is going to change weather wise the next two months.

Week 2 Results

Sun: 4 mile run- COMPLETED.  After slacking late in the week, I made up for it on the weekend.  While running on Sunday, I missed a turn and added a half mile to my run.  I got 4.5 in.


Tue: 3 mile run COMPLETED.  This was my best run of the week.

Wed: 2 mile run or cross-training COMPLETED.  I worked out with my husband, and did Burpees and Shoulder press. It was an intense workout.

Thu: 3 mile run COMPLETED.  Oh man,  it was humid out.


Sat: 30 min cross-training COMPLETED.  I did a workout that consisted of lunges, kettleball swings, ring rows, and squats. It was a good day for this too, because it pretty much rained all day.

And here are my objectives for Week 3-

Sun: 4 mile run

Mon: Rest

Tue: 3.5 mile run

Wed: 2 mile run or cross-training

Thu: 3.5 mile run

Fri: Rest

Sat: 40 min cross-training

Ready to take me up on my offer to come run with me at the Florida West Coast Half Marathon yet?  How about just getting started running, and maybe shoot for your first 5k this year?

It’s still early, and there’s plenty of time to train with me!

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