Running Goal- Week 13 Results and Week 14 Objectives

I’m one week in to the second half of my training plan, and it was not a good week.

I started things off by getting in my 10 mile run on Sunday, with an average pace of 14:23.  That was my longest distance run of the training so far, and my longest run in a couple years.  But I was hoping to have a little better pace than that.

Then I caught a bug.  I wasn’t feeling too hot on Tuesday, but I tried to run anyways.  I got a mile into it before I had to quit. Because of this, I didn’t run Wednesday or Thursday either.

I didn’t have time to run on Friday, and yesterday I was pretty busy all day too, so I didn’t get any workout in. Essentially, I started the week big, and then just fell on my face.  Ugh.

You’ll have weeks like this.

So that brings me today.  I’m going to try and run 11 miles and get this training moving forward again.


Sun: 10 mile run- COMPLETE.  I ran an average pace of 14:23.

Mon: Rest

Tue: 5 mile run- MISSED.  I got one mile in and quit.

Wed: 3 mile run or cross-training- MISSED.

Thu: 5 mile run- MISSED.

Fri: Rest

Sat: 60 minutes of cross training- MISSED.


Sun: 11 mile run

Mon: Rest

Tue: 5 mile run

Wed: 3 mile run

Thu: 5 mile run

Fri: Rest

Sat: Crosstraining

Ready to take me up on my offer to come run with me at the Florida West Coast Half Marathon yet?  How about just getting started running, and maybe shoot for your first 5k this year?

There’s plenty of time to train, and whether you’re an experienced runner or a beginner, I’d love to see you come  do this race with me!

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