Putting Your Wheels to Work


We heard some of you like the ideas Brittany has been sharing on how to generate a side income, so she’s back with another good one for you-

Do you have a car? Do you enjoy driving? Do you drive around a lot? Do you have some free time every now and then? You can use your vehicle and you spare time to make….you guessed it….money!!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the go. I am always running to doctor appointments, practice, school, the store or running errands for my husband. And even when I don’t have my kids, and I’m not running for my hubby, I’m still running for friends or family members. I am always on the road.

Make money doing something you already do

Since I am always on the move, I thought I would look for a way to make money from driving. And to my surprise, there are a few options available for doing just that.


You’ll notice I tend to mention Craigslist often in the various side income ideas I’m sharing. That’s because it is a great site for stuff like this. In this example, you can use the services section to offer or look for jobs running errands, taking people to and from appointments, or whatever is needed. You don’t have to take whatever is offered to you, but choose tasks that are in line with your objectives.

Ride Sharing

There are two options available for driving for companies that allow you to make money full or part time taking people around. Most of you have probably already heard of Uber and Lyft, or at least one or the other. They are pretty similar in the service they offer, which can be compared with a taxi.

When somebody is ready to go somewhere, they use the app to request a ride, and then someone picks them up and takes them where they want to go.  You, as the driver, get the ride requests on the app, and go and pick up the rider, and take them to where they want to go. It’s that simple

A big advantage of driving for these companies is you don’t have to sign up for a set schedule.  You work when you want to.

With Uber, you download an app, provide your information, and if you meet their requirements, then you are a driver. When you have free time, you log into your app to show you are available, and wait for a ride request. Uber take a percentage of each fair and you receive the rest. You only work when you can, and the company has certain safeguards in place to ensure your safety.

Lyft is fairly similar. The main differences are in availability, locations and cost for riders. But for the most part, the main aspects are mostly the same. You can read up on Lyft here.

Doing Deliveries

Instacart is an option available in some cities that allow you to make money off grocery shopping and delivery. They have options for Full Service Shoppers and In Store Shoppers.

In store shoppers only do the shopping. No vehicle required, just shopping.

A Full Service Shopper does everything. Receive the order, grocery shop, and deliver to the customers home.

This position is also one that you do on your own time. Similar to Uber and Lyft, you sign up, you have to meet requirements, and when you complete all the steps, you are ready to go. You log in when you want to work, receive and complete each order. More information on Instacart can be found here.

Other Driving Gigs

There are plenty of options for delivery gigs. But depending on your location, some may or may not be available. A quick google search of “delivery gigs” will pull up multiple options to research. Also checking with local pizza places, or flower shops, may provide an opportunity as well. Although they may not be as flexible to your schedule.

Finding the right fit may take some time, but the possibilities for extra income from a driving gig could be just what you are looking for!

Are there any delivery services in your area that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments!!

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2 thoughts on “Putting Your Wheels to Work

  1. I drive for Uber. The earnings vary day to day, but I like the flexibility in hours. I try to only drive in daylight for safety.

    1. That’s awesome! Do enjoy it? I would say that bigger cities have a much higher demand for Uber’s. But any side income is better than none. Lol

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