Positive Parenting and how to Support your Teens through Last Year of High School


The following is a guest post from Claire Adams, a personal and professional development expert. Cover image photo credit Pixabay

Positive Parenting and how to Support your Teens through Last Year of High School

Having a teenager at home preparing for the GCSE exams can be a challenging and an overwhelming experience. It may sound like a cliché, but hard work and devotion always pay off. With the right parental approach, you can encourage your children to get the best grades as they will determine their future career. We singled out a few tips on how to make a positive surrounding for your teens and teach them how to step into a new chapter of life with confidence.

Making a plan is the key starting point

First of all, your teenage daughter or son has to develop an effective learning strategy. The secret to passing the exams lies in planning. But how can they achieve that at such young and inexperienced age? Offer them your help no matter how much they resent it at first. We all know they hate being told what to do, especially when it comes to school, but be persistent and try to explain them that you were once in their shoes, and you have some useful tips up your sleeve. Eventually, they will value your attempts to make their studying process easier. Also, let them know that nothing happens overnight, and it takes a lot of patience and hard work to achieve their goals. Advise them to start reading the compulsory subjects long before the finals, and when the time comes for some serious prep, they will be surprised of how much they remember. Tell them to buy several different highlighters and mark the most important parts in the book, and break the lessons in chunks, for better learning.

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Other ways of helping your children

Many parents seem hopeless during the finals, and there’s nothing bad in seeking extra help. In the UK, there are different tutoring services that parents can sign their children up for. They offer exam preparation tuition, and your children are monitored all the time so you can have insight into their progress. In Australia, for instance, it doesn’t matter if you’re preparing for the HSC, VCE or any subject in your uni degree, there is an online student community where you can download effective VCE notes and share with other students. It consists of study note collections, questions and problem sets and it’s a great method for studying for the exams.

Provide a peaceful environment and a place for studying

Every parent has to provide tranquillity at this crucial moment, and that’s something that the other members of the household should be aware of. If you have two teens sharing the same bedroom, you should politely ask your other child to spend more time in your bedroom or other spare room. Even better, their siblings can assist them with revision if they want to.

Spending time outdoors is essential

Having a head stuck in the book all day long is not an option. Teenagers should take some time off, otherwise they will lose their minds. Forcing them to study even if they can’t remember a single sentence is not a way to go. If you find your child struggling, maybe you should invite them for a coffee break or take a walk in the park. Fresh air will help them clear their head for a while and reduce stress. They will appreciate your concern and see that you actually care for them, and not only for the exams.

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Don’t preach about things you normally would

If you see your child stressing out all the time, that means they care for the exams and they’re taking them seriously. Although you might be even more worried, try not to show it and encourage them instead. Let their rooms be messy, spoil them with their favourite meals or make them a fresh smoothie to boost their memory. This is only temporary, and your child would adore your thoughtfulness.

I hope you acknowledge these pieces of advice and realise that you’re not alone. Every existing parent deals with the same concern and want the best education for their child. When the painful ordeal passes, and their exam results are satisfactory, you will laugh together at how much you’ve been worrying for no reason.


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