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What’s the one thing you almost always never leave home without?  House keys?  Purse?  Phone?

How about your car?

Let’s face it, as moms, we are unpaid Uber drivers for our families.  We are also free grocery delivery drivers, and errand runners. And to pay for all of this, we are also probably all driving ourselves to and from work too.

So what kind of car is everyone driving? How many of us working moms are sporting the minivan or the full-size sport utility vehicle? I guess it might depend on how big your brood is, and if you’re hauling their friends, and sports equipment around everywhere.  For me, with only one child, it’s a cross-over.

I have a black Toyota Rav-4, and let me tell you, it’s the perfect mom car (for me).  It’s just the right size for me and my 3-person family.

This is actually the second Rav-4 that I’ve had.  Before the current one, I owned a red one.

So why do I like this car so much?

It’s the perfect size for me

How short am I? My nine year old is just inches shorter than me now.

If you can’t tell from the pics from my previous blogs, I am small.  I’m short.  Petite.  Vertically challenged.  Pretty much all of the above.  This car isn’t too tall for me to climb into and out of easily.

It sets me up just high enough so that it’s easy for me to see all of the traffic.   This is especially helpful because the area I live in has so much of it.  So now I can see the fender benders, accidents, broken down vehicles, and all the other road hazards.

I like the built-in safety features

For example, it comes standard with a back-up camera.  Not a blurry picture where it looks like night vision resolution, but a clear color camera.  You can actually make out the shapes, sizes and colors of what’s behind you.  It’s got the 3 lines so you can see how far back you can go but still have room to open the back hatch.  

Ok, so I know that all new cars pretty much have this. But my last car didn’t, so it’s an upgrade for me.

While not exactly a safety feature, it is a requirement that all Ohio State fans have the requisite Buckeye necklace hanging from their rear-view

Front facing sensors.  This is a feature I have never seen in any car I have ever owned.  It has an automatic lane detector.  If you are driving and you drift to close to the car on your right or left, it warns you.  This was probably put in to also assist those who do distracted driving.  But I think the main reason is to help you detect blind spots.  It also warns you if you are changing lanes and don’t use your turn signal.  The sensors also warn you when cars in front of you are stopping short, or you are too close to them.

In other words, lots more of things my old car didn’t have.

But I lost trunk space

The older Rav-4’s used to carry the spare tire on the back of the car as part of the design.  As a result, when you opened your back door, you could lift up a panel on the floor, and there was a huge hidden compartment underneath.  This was a great space to hide valuable items you don’t want to leave visible when parking your car for a long period of time.  I also had an emergency roadside kit stored down there.  And it was great because you could store all this stuff without taking up valuable trunk space.

The newer model moved the spare tire to this space, like most other vehicles.  I have found that I can still fit things down here, like my laptop bag and other miscellaneous items that I want to keep in my car. So there still not visible to anyone walking by and peaking in, but the space isn’t nearly as large as it used to be.

Cool electronics

I finally have a car that has blue-tooth technology!  No more annoying AUX cords.  I can use this for phone calls, playing music, and most importantly, listen to my Google maps turn by turn navigation.  The sound is great.  This is so helpful since I have about an hour commute to and from the office every day.

I also like that you can preset up to 36 stations!  When you listen to a lot of music like I do, and channel surf a lot, like I do, this is a huge feature.

Great Maneuverability

This car is so easy to maneuver.  I can parallel park and bust out U-turns like no one’s business with the tight wheel radius.  With the way the roads are here in Florida, this is crucial.

By the way, believe it or not, Toyota did not pay me to write this post. I really do just love my car this much. (although, if you happen to work for Toyota, just so you know, I’m always open to referral fees or sponsorship 😊).

I’ve owned other small SUV’s and sedans before I got into the Rav4’s, and they just didn’t compare. It is the Perfect Mom car for me.

Do you love your car?  What do you drive? What features do you really like?

BTW- I’d like to make a special shout out to Priscila at  Stadium Toyota.  I got my car through her back in March, and it was a very good experience.  It was the first time I’ve ever worked with them, and I’m very happy with how things went.

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3 thoughts on “My Perfect Mom Car

  1. Oh, I didn’t know you were an Ohio State fan! Don’t you live in Florida?

    I drive a Honda CRV, and I love it. I looked at the RAV4 too, but decided to go with this since I had an Accord before it. I wish I had something bigger now though, and will probably get something with a third row next time.

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