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As a creative professional, personal branding is key. Just as your portfolio is an important factor in showcasing your skills and creative point of view, what you wear kind of does the same.

Like most working Moms, I seem to go through my work clothes pretty regularly.  I’m always having to pitch items that are getting worn, and so I need to keep up on replenishing my closet.  I’m not saying I don’t like this part, because I always enjoy getting new items. But it is just a fact that it’s a necessity in order to keep looking professional in the office.

It was time to do my next Trunk Club order, so I hopped online and selected a variety of items that I could wear to work.

The arrival

A week later, my Trunk arrived. For this round, they sent me 2 pairs of heels, 2 blouses, 2 dresses, 2 sweaters, and a pair of sunglasses and a pair of earrings. Ooo, lots of choices!

These are the items I loved:

Longchamp Heritage 57mm Butterfly Sunglasses  O/S Havana


Nic+ZOE Wonderstretch Straight Leg Pants  Latte  $128.00


1901 Utility Shirt Black  $69.00

 Overall, I was very pleased with the entire shipment of items they sent me and the selection.  I really like the convenience of having 12 items to choose from.

When you place the order, you get a preview of your Trunk and you can select which ones you would like them to ship, or if you would like to replace one of the items for something different. This is very convenient if you want to think ahead about which items you’re likely to keep, and for knowing what to expect.

Pick and choose what you want to keep

The one thing I’ve had to get used to is how quickly things can add up. This is not a surprise because it is a Nordstrom brand, but if I were to keep all 12 items from Trunk Club, it would have cost me $1,251.90. My monthly clothing budget is nowhere that high, so I have to be disciplined about what I keep and what I send back.

The styling fee is credited back when you make a purchase, so it’s worth it even if you only keep one or two items. And, I do need to point out that Trunk Club will price match. So, if you find the same item somewhere else within 14 days, they will price match it.

They also make it very easy to return the items you don’t keep. You just put back in the box what you don’t want, slap on the UPS sticker provided with your paperwork, and drop it off at your nearest UPS store.

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Everybody is shaped differently

After a couple shipments, I’ve noticed the fitting for the clothes are a little hit or miss. For example, I’ve been ordering petite sizes on the pants, but still needed to get the them altered each time. I’ve always been a little short, so I guess this isn’t that unusual.

The great thing is you can take them to your local Nordstom to get them altered, and they don’t charge you for it. You just need to bring your Trunk Club receipt.
Trunk Club

Worth the cost

The quality of the clothes from Trunk Club is higher than through other clubs like Stitch Fix. The labels are more recognizable and the fabrics seem sturdier. Higher quality clothes last a lot longer, and have to be replaced less often.  This is something to consider with comparing prices.

Clothing subscription services like Trunk Club are a great way to add to your wardrobe if you’re short on time.  You can shop at your leisure online, browsing through different wardrobe themes (work, athleisure, weekend wear) etc.

But the best part is the personal stylist that I can chat with.  She is getting a feeling for the types of items that I like. And she asks great questions about fit, texture and colors. This is very important and makes you feel very special. It is nice to get this kind of attention when shopping.

Order when you want

With Trunk Club, you can sign up to have them ship you a Trunk once a month, but you don’t have to. You can also just order a trunk at your convenience, whenever you’d like. So maybe you don’t want to do it regularly, but then you’ve got an upcoming vacation and want some fresh new options. You can order a Trunk then just for stocking up for this occasion.

It’s also great if you’re interested in updating your wardrobe by season, like in preparation for the summer. Whenever it’s needed, just order a Trunk.  This is very convenient.

Save $50 on your next order

You can also save money buy referring others to try the Trunk Club experience.  If you refer a friend to your stylist, you will receive a $50 credit on your account after their first order.

Haven’t signed up for Trunk Club yet,  what are you waiting for?

Trunk Club

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