Moving and Renovating….Ugh


Brittany has some thoughts to share after her recent move-

Have you ever stubbed your toe in the middle of the night? Or felt the excruciating pain of stepping on a LEGO? I would rather do those horribly awful things 100 times a day than to go through the process of moving and renovating! I am convinced that moving is one of the worst punishments that could ever be given to parents. Well other than renovating! Haha!

Our Home

I’m sure that you have all moved at least once, if not more. In my opinion, it’s dreadful! We recently packed up all of our belongings, family members and pets and moved. We had been renting a cute little 3 bedroom 1 and a half bath that we loved. It was a cute little house and it had a nice sized backyard.

We lived there for a couple years. Our landlord was great. We never really had any issues, except for a neighbor that had major anxiety over the grass/property line, and always seemed to be outside or come outside when I was out with the kids. Kinda creepy sometimes.

We weren’t looking to move at the time but a lady my husband did some work for reached out to us. She wasn’t able to properly care for her home anymore and hadn’t for awhile. So she made us an offer that we couldn’t really refuse. Instead of lining our landlords pockets, we would now be paying toward our own home. So we jumped on the opportunity!

The “Process”

The actual process of moving into the new house was a long one. The house needed tons of repairs before we could even start staying there. Lucky for me, my husband is a kind of Jack of All Trades when it comes to repairs and renovations. He fixed the heat and air, replaced everything in the downstairs bathroom, replaced floors and busted pipes, along with at least a million other things.

It took us about a month, and a load of money to get the house livable. Once we got it there, the move began. Finding boxes, keeping everything organized, loading it all up and then unloading it all was horrible. Most of the time we can’t find anyone to help, and this time was no different. So my big burly husband and my tiny little self moved the entire house. Couches, appliances, TVs, beds…..everything. Ugh I was sore for weeks!

Getting Settled

About a month and a half after we made the agreement, we finally got all of her things out and all of our things in. Now it’s up to me to get everything unpacked and set up in a way that at least halfway resembles our home. Hanging clothes, decorations, arranging furniture.

While I’m hard at work trying to get our lives back in order, the kids are discovering new toys that aren’t really new. They had just been buried in a toy box for the last year. They are pulling out everything that I am putting up. Altogether driving me crazy. Dinners are coming in a box and bedtimes are later and later because we have so much to do. It took me so long to get us back to normal!!

So Much to Do

The really fun part about all of this is the fact that we are still renovating while we are living here. We tried to get as much done as we could before we absolutely had to move in. We got most of the big stuff done but we still have a lot to do.

My husband has been doing drywall work. If you have never had to deal with that….consider it a blessing! Not only is the mud everywhere, but when he sands it down, the mess is unbelievable! Drywall dust gets absolutely EVERYWHERE.

Painting walls when kids are here is a nightmare. Keeping their hands out of the pans and off of the walls without locking them in a bedroom is pretty much impossible. Electrical work that my husband is doing makes me a nervous wreck. Not to mention all the dangerous tools, nails and other sharp objects he has put while he is working! It’s messy, nerve wracking and seems to be never ending!


Moving muscles!

That’s about the only way I can describe the whole process. Ugh! Don’t get me wrong, I am very grateful for the ability to purchase our own home. I am grateful for the space and that we can make or our own. I am grateful for all the hard work that my husband has put and is continuing to put into this house in order to make it a home for us. I am very grateful for all of this. But I could do without all of the stress, anxiety, and mess that has been added to our already chaotic lives!

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