Making Time for Yourself


When you’re a mother to four children, you have to make time for yourself.  Brittany shares her thoughts on how to do this-

When your time is already split between work and home, it can feel like there is no time for anything else. It is easy to get caught up in routines, or engulfed in work at times. It’s also easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated because there just aren’t enough hours in a day. This can make you cranky and make you feel like you want to pull your hair out! If you ever start feeling this way, please don’t pull your hair out. It won’t help. The best thing that you can do is make some time for yourself.

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When Things Change

When a woman becomes a mother, everything changes. Your priorities change, you life changes, your WORLD changes. It’s a complete 180. After having a baby, your number one priority becomes that child. Their safety, nutrition, education, emotional well-being, appearance. Their everything. Then after that, you worry about your spouse and/or family, your home, and your job. So where does that leave you?? And you know, that’s what makes moms so great. Your ability to take care of everyone and everything seamlessly and do it with love and a smile on your face. But all of that responsibility can take its toll after awhile. Everyone needs to take a break every now and then to decompress and recharge.

Look Inwards

The first thing that you have to do will probably be the hardest part. I know it was for me. You will have to figure out what it is you like to do for yourself. This one can be tricky for some of you mommies. After awhile, you get so accustomed to doing everything for your family and your employer that you don’t even think about yourself anymore. The first time someone asked me what my hobbies were after I became a mom, I really had to think about it, and the only things I could come up with were activities that I did with my kids. They would give me this crazy kind of look that said “well that doesn’t count as YOUR hobbies.” So start thinking about you and what it is that you truly enjoy and what makes you happy (other than your beautiful babies).

Leverage Friends and Family

I know what you are thinking. When am I going to find time to do anything else? You might be lucky enough to have an amazing support system or maybe you will have to get creative, but you can make it happen. If you do have people willing to help you, take them up on their offer. You don’t have to spend hours upon hours away on your own but you can plan to go see a movie or have a nice dinner with a friend. If you want, plan a date night with your significant other and go bowling or even go to an arcade and act like kids yourselves. You can also check your local community centers or colleges. They might have an art class, cooking class or something else that may peak your interest.

Going Out by Staying In

Making time for yourself doesn’t necessarily mean going out and doing something. If you don’t have someone that can watch your kids for you, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make time for yourself. Making time for you just means doing something that you enjoy and doing it for yourself. It could be reading a book or doing a puzzle during your lunch break. You could do yoga or Pilates for a little bit once you put your little ones to bed. Some women like to take an evening and practice with makeup or hair styles. One thing that I always found helpful and relaxing was writing my thoughts in a journal or calling a friend or family member just to talk.

Keep Your Sanity

There is nothing that is better than family time. Being with your kids and your family is what a mother lives for. It is a great thing. Also being a hard worker that is awesome at their job is a great thing. But you are also a human being and you are your own person. And again there is nothing wrong that that. You have to be sure that you make time for yourself as a person. And remember, this is something for you, so make sure that it is something that you really enjoy. (It’s easy to let your time turn into a task for someone else) That one tiny break from your responsibility of super mom will let you take a breath, recharge and might also help you keep your sanity.

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