Groceries a click away? Yes, Please!


Brittany shares a new trend in grocery shopping, that might just help her keep her sanity

Not even in the store yet and already fighting

I absolutely hate the grocery store. Have you ever been to a crowded grocery store with a teen, preteen, and two toddlers? If so… know how I feel. If we could survive without eating, I would never go to the grocery store again. The older boys are non stop complaining about everything. The babies insist that I use the huge, awkward, nearly impossible to steer buggies that have the car on the front and are as loud as a freight train. And even though they beg me to use those buggies, they refuse to stay in. They get out, grab everything, pull things off the shelf, and talk to anyone and everyone that will listen. Did I mention that I hate going to the grocery store??

What’s this?

Target doesn’t have grocery delivery yet, but they do have free shipping for online orders for REDCard holders.

I usually do my shopping at Kroger because I can save a good bit of money. I used to shop at Walmart because they would price match. Once they stopped doing that in my area, I had to find a better alternative. I found the digital coupons option super useful on top of the in store promotions. When I started shopping at Kroger, I liked their Facebook page to make sure I didn’t miss out on any specials. I found an article, while browsing Facebook one day, about a new service Kroger would be offering. It was called Kroger’s Clicklist,and the article was titled something like…”Moms go nuts over Kroger’s new Clicklist.” So that definitely caught my attention! As I read the article, I found that it was online grocery shopping and people loved it!

By the way, Kroger isn’t the only major chain to offer this.  If Publix is the major chain in your area, then Instacart is what you want to check out. 

How it works

The article said they had started testing it a couple years ago, but of course when I saw the article, my Kroger didn’t have Clicklist, so I was pretty bummed. But within a few months of seeing the article, I spotted signs while doing my ever dreaded shopping. They read “Please excuse the mess. We are currently remodeling to include Clicklist items. Thank you for your patience.” What?! Was this an answer to a long unanswered prayer??

Since it was coming to my area, I started doing more research. I wanted to know everything about it so I could decide if it was something I could actually benefit from using. How it works is….first thing you do is sign up. Then, you select your pick up day and time, and your preferred store. The pick up day can be scheduled up to three days in advance. The pick up times are available in one hour slots.

Ready to Shop

After you pick your store and pick up time, it’s time to shop. You can browse or search items and add to your cart, just like any other online shopping. When you complete your order, you can checkout. Clicklist items can only be paid for using credit or debit cards. They do not accept cash, gift cards, checks, money orders, or any form of government assistance. The website gives an estimated total and the charge is only finalized when the groceries are picked up at the store.

After the order is placed, employees do your shopping for you. They then store it in appropriate sections until it’s time to be picked up. There are designated spots in the parking lot for Clicklist. So on the day and time you are scheduled for pickup, you go to one of the parking spots and an employee brings your groceries to the car and loads them up. You don’t even have to step foot out of the car.

First Try

I was so excited to give this a go! I was just waiting for there to be some kind of catch or for something to go insanely wrong. Because I already have a kroger account for my digital coupons, my preferred store is already set. So, I went in to the Clicklist section and picked a date and time and got shopping.

There was a large selection of items to choose from just like in the store itself. Since I wasn’t totally sure how smooth it was going to go, I started with a small order. I picked items that I was somewhat skeptical about. Because I am particular about my fruits and produce, I wanted to see if they would just grab anything or if they would take their time and get the better quality items.

I was still able to use my digital coupons, and they had some special “Clicklist Only” coupons. The website states that the first 3 orders are free from any fees they collect for the service. The website also says fees vary based on your area, but for me it is normally about five dollars for a normal order, and about eight for an expedited order. So I placed my order and waited until time to pick up.

Moment of Truth

Kroger’s website says to avoid the rush, try to come in the middle of your pickup time slot. So that’s what I did. I pulled into one of the parking spots located conveniently in front of the store. I called the number on the sign, gave them my info and let them do the rest. It only took a couple of minutes before a nice gentleman came out with my groceries. I popped the trunk and he loaded them in.

It was amazing!!! Not having to spend hours in the store fighting with my kids. Not having to rebuild displays they had knocked over. Not having to listen to a meltdown every time I said no to a piece of candy. The groceries looked great when I got home….even the produce. Kroger’s Clicklist is the best gift I could have ever gotten! I finally got my wish of never having to step foot in a grocery store again, and I didn’t even have to starve my family to get it!

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2 thoughts on “Groceries a click away? Yes, Please!

  1. I never knew about clicklist. Thanks for the info. it is very difficult to shop with a toddler. I saw the signs but never knew what it really was. thank you!

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