Instant Pot = Instant Easy!


Brittany is back, with a new toy!

I don’t know about the rest of you, but in my house, dinner time is INSANE!! I’m always trying to get dinner ready while my sons argue over something, or need help with homework. My sweet little daughter is usually standing on a chair right under my feet, with her little hands into everything “helping” mommy cook. My youngest son is also right under foot, pushing cars or throwing balls around the kitchen floor.

And on top of all of it, my husband, who is my biggest child most of the time, comes in from work and can’t find anything that he needs without my help. I always have to stop what I’m doing at least 10 times just during dinner prep to break up a fight, help someone, or find something. Sometimes, I just give up and order pizza.

The Discovery

When I decided that I was going back to work, I knew that some things were going to have to change, and dinner time was one of them. In order to save some time, and change cooking dinner from a three-hour, disastrous ordeal, to an hour maximum, I started doing some research.

At first, I just looked up different recipes. There are tons and tons of recipes for dinners that can be prepared in advance, frozen, and reheated. I will share some of my favorites in another post. But then I started looking for other options, and found some stellar reviews for a device called the Instant Pot. Evidently, it is a single device that is supposed to make awesome meals in record time. I had never heard of it before, but based on the reviews, I decided to give it a try.

My Research

Since I wasn’t too familiar with it, while I waited on it to be delivered, I continued looking at reviews and recipes. What I saw online…..O My Goodness! It seemed too good to be true! One pot that not only makes delicious and healthy meals, but does it in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

Pot roast that typically cooks all day long, done in 45 minutes

Homemade soup in 10 minutes

Beans and rice in 20 minutes

And even desserts and yogurt!

From what I read, this one little pot could make breakfast, lunch, dinner, sides, appetizers….pretty much anything. The Instant Pot website said that it decreases cook time by two to six times, uses 70% less energy, and preserves 90 to 95% of vitamins in the food. And it’s supposed to take the place of your steamer, pressure cooker, slow cooker, sauté pan, rice cooker, yogurt maker and food warmer all in this one little pot. Needless to say, I had high hopes for mine.

The Delivery

By the time my pot was due for delivery, I had myself so psyched up that I almost expected it to be delivered in a stretch limo, with red carpet service, as a golden box full of Instant Pot was carried to my doorstep on a gold plated tray carried by two men on each side.

Of course, that’s not how it happened. The delivery man just left my brown cardboard box on the porch, but I was still ecstatic when it arrived. I opened it up, made sure everything was there, and attempted to start reading the never ending instruction manual. It took a couple hours at least to get through the whole thing (not because it was long but because of my nonstop mom duties to my extremely needy children) but I finished it. It also included a recipe book that I glanced over and I was ready to get cooking!

Moment of Truth

Once I made it through all of the researching, looking up recipes, and waiting, I was ready to give this Instant Pot a try. I plugged it in, picked my recipe, and got it going. The first thing I made was a pot roast. I used the recipe from the book that came with the pot, and it turned out absolutely amazing!

It only took a little over an hour for prep, and cooking, and everyone loved it!

I made a chicken Alfredo meal in about 10 minutes one night, and only used one pot to cook everything. The chicken, noodles, broccoli….everything. And yes, you read that right, 10 minutes start to finish!! I was absolutely amazed.

I use it to make oats or giant pancakes for breakfast, potato soup that even my pickiest child loves. Soup, beans, rice, and even the desserts turn out awesome!


Now that I have known the Instant Pot, I’m not sure that I could live without it!

Dinner time in my house has changed completely since its arrival. It has gone from what used to be a scene from a natural disaster, to an effortless experience that leaves more time for homework, breaking up fights, and finding what is always lost. It has been a heaven send for my sanity, and just goes to show that not everything is too good to be true! It’s definitely worth it!

Ready to get your own Instant Pot? 

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2 thoughts on “Instant Pot = Instant Easy!

  1. That was pretty funny! I just received my Instant Pot about a week ago. I have done the water test and that’s about it. Haven’t dove in with my 1st recipe yet. I can’t decide which I want to try first. But glad it seems to be as convenient and easy to use as it sounds!

  2. It is for sure EASY! And it is crazy fast. I never would have imagined that food could that fast!! You need to dust yours off and give her a go. You won’t know how you lived without it. There are tons and tons of recipes to choose from so good luck with that. haha. The potato soup turned out amazing. I will have to post it on here

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