How to make a little extra spending money for the Holidays with Survey Junkie


Tis the Season!

The holidays are officially upon us again.  While my husband thinks Thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year, my personal favorite has always been Christmas.  Either way, it’s time to start shopping.

I’ve already started thinking about what I’m going to get everyone for Christmas this year, but I’m going to create a budget so I don’t break the bank. I’m not expecting to come across any new piles of cash anytime soon, and I don’t like to run up the credit card, so sometimes things can get a little tight.

But if I could just earn a little extra spending money for the holidays, it’d be that much easier.

So, what’s someone like me to do if I’d like to make a little extra spending money?  Take paid surveys with Survey Junkie!

Survey Junkie

I discovered this site a couple months ago. Actually, my friend Brittany discovered it, and shared it with me. And I have been using it myself ever since.

It’s called Survey Junkie, and when you sign up, you can take surveys, and get paid to do it.

It’s pretty easy to set up and get going.  When you first create your account, you answer some basic questions, and then your profile is ready to go.  You can start taking surveys right away.

Any time, any place

The thing I like the most about taking surveys is I can do them at any time, any place.

Usually, I do them in the evening while I’m chilling.  But I can also do them when I’m stuck in traffic, or taking a break at work.

Are you a stay at home Mom?  One of the biggest challenges to many work-at-home jobs is trying to work around feedings or nap times.  With Survey Junkie, you can do it as you have time, any time day or night.

The big thing is to look at the amount of time the survey will take, and make sure you’ve got that amount of time available.  You don’t want to start one, and then leave.  You may not get a chance to finish.

Easy Money

Taking paid surveys is as straight forward as it sounds.  The topics of the surveys will vary, but they’re looking for your opinion.  They present you with a series of questions, you provide honest answers, and that’s it.

You don’t have to go to work somewhere.  There’s no talking to people on the phone.  You just log in and take the surveys as you get time.

Taking paid surveys is not going to make you rich.  Surveys are typically worth anywhere from 20-300 points, and every 100 points is worth a dollar.  That’s why I don’t recommend this as a side job, but paid survey sites like Survey Junkie are great for making a little extra cash as you have time.

Convert Points into popular gift cards or cash out

As you collect points for completing surveys, once you’ve built up to 1,000, you can redeem them.

Survey Junkie gives you several ways for redemption, including getting gift cards for popular places like Amazon, cashing out with a Paypal transfer, or even cashing out with a Bank transfer.

Get started earning today

It only takes five minutes to get signed up, and they’ll even throw some points in your account for getting started.  Are you looking to make a little extra spending money for the holidays?  Get started today with Survey Junkie!

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