How Credit Repair Services can Help You


Credit is an important factor in life. With a low credit score or no credit, it is often difficult to get any kind of financing, and causes you to have to pay much higher interest rates when you do.

This can be especially tough on parents.

For a lot of people, you can end up finding out the hard way that your credit report has erroneous information or mistakes.  You don’t want to discover this when applying for a car loan or a mortgage.

When this occurs, you may want the help of a Credit Repair Service.

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Companies that Provide Credit Repair Services

There are many agencies that offer credit repair services. The way these services work is, first they obtain your 3 main credit scores. Then they find items that may be disputed, and file the disputes while keeping in contact with the credit bureaus to move the process along.

The companies that provide these service each have their own fees and terms to complete the process. So if you are interested in pursuing this method, be sure to do your research.

Most of these providers will charge a fee between $60 and $100, and some even more. If this sounds a bit steep, consider what you will have to pay for higher interest rates or the losses from being denied a loan when you need to make a large purchase.

Paying the costs to have your credit repaired will quite possibly outweigh the consequences of having a low credit score.

Do Your Research

As I mentioned before, always research as much as possible before you choose a credit repair company. Make a list of questions to ask before making your decision.

Advice given on is to avoid any company that asks for an up front payment. Just as you would with any other company, payment for services rendered is to be made after the service is complete.

Also make sure the company is bonded and insured, know what you will need to sign up, and make sure you have contact options as well as ways to track the progress.

Another way to help with the decision making process is to read reviews. It’s always helpful to read about another person’s experiences with a company. Especially if the majority of people feel a certain way about a certain company.

There are plenty of websites that offer customer reviews. There are also multiple websites that offer their own reviews of credit repair companies and rank them best to worst. The above mentioned website gives its own recommendations on the best credit repair companies.

You can also request a free consultation with some of the available agencies with no obligation to sign up for anything. Make sure that you always use any and all resources before making a decision.

Credit Repair Services work Quickly

This method of credit building makes most people somewhat skeptical, as the majority of them charge a fee for promises of big results in a short period of time. Promises for speedy results in a process that is known to normally take years would make anyone skeptical.

However with the right research, information and agency, it is a possibility.

If you’re a parent, and are coming in with less than ideal credit, I hope this advice is helpful.  If there’s anything else you’d like to see me cover on this topic, please tell me in the comments below.

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