Brittany has some thoughts on a challenge many of us Moms run into often-

All of us Super Moms have tons of different things to do on any given day. There are always the regular tasks- Work, cleaning, helping with homework, doctor

appointments, keeping our kids fed, alive and half way clean, et cetera, et cetera.

But then there is the other “extra” stuff. Making cookies for your little ones bake sale, packing snacks for the team after practice, taking an extra assignment at work.

Guess what? It’s ok to say no to that extra stuff and still maintain your title of Super Mom!

Saying No

In my opinion, any mom that loves herself and her family, and has the love of her family, is already a super mom. Being a mom entails so much by itself. Moms are caregivers, protectors, teachers, cooks, managers, drivers, and a long laundry list of other things. Add working full time, part time, or even just side work on top of that puts at least 15 more titles on that list.

I know for some people, it’s hard to say no. I am one of those people. Parent policy council? YES! Driving carpool to practice? YES! Babysitting? YES! Need a ride to the store? YES! I’m always saying yes to everyone. But when is enough….enough? You have to know your limits. You have to know when to say no to people.

The school PTA can make it without you for once. The after-school function will have plenty of chaperones. Someone else can pick up that extra shift at work. Everything will work out and the sun will not explode if you say no every now and then. And you will feel better knowing that you have that extra bit of time for something else.

Ask for Help

Coming from someone who always says yes, it is very easy to get overloaded. This can cause so many issues. Not only will it cause massive amounts of stress, guilt, and anxiety, but can also cause a lot of rushing, late nights, and sleep lost. And that’s no good for anyone!

Sometimes the best thing you can do is….ask for help! Some people…uh hum…like me, hate to ask for help. It feels like, asking for help is the same as admitting defeat in a battle that’s been long and hard fought! It almost physically hurts me to do it sometimes.

But I have learned over the years that asking for help….is ok! And much needed at times. It won’t hurt to get a sitter for an evening, or hire a tutor to help with homework. Your partner can take over carpool for a week. Walmart sells some pretty good cookies for your kids bake sale instead of homemade. It won’t hurt to ask a friend or family member to help with the family potluck.

Make Time for Yourself

One of the first posts I wrote for this page was called Making Time for Yourself. This was all about ways to fit in some “me” time. Saying no to some of the extras and asking for help are important factors of making time for yourself!

It’s already hard enough to make time for yourself with all the craziness that comes with being a mom, working or not. Always saying yes and never asking for help makes “me time” pretty much impossible. Having little or no time for yourself results in a cranky, stressed out momma, and that usually throws the whole family off balance!

Love Yourself

I’ve always heard that you can never truly love others until you truly love yourself. Overloading by always trying to please others and trying to be Super Duper Mom without a sidekick can make you lose that love. Take a step back every now and then and take a breather. Love yourself enough to say no and ask for help if you need it. I swear, it’s not a defeat. You will feel better in the long run, and your family will still proudly call you SUPER MOM!

Do you struggle with these issues? Are you a yes woman and a Lone Ranger? Let us know in the comments!

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