Half Marathon Anticipation


As I contemplate my upcoming half marathon tomorrow, I am already excited with anticipation.   There are several reasons why.

I think the first is because this will be the 3rd half marathon for me.

My first Half-Marathon

In October 2014, I ran the Columbus Half Marathon.  This was my first half marathon.

I trained by myself by downloading Hal Higdon’s Novice Half Marathon training plan. I printed it out, put it on the fridge, and crossed off every training date as I went through it.  It was hard.  I was a beginner runner and didn’t know what I was doing.  I didn’t know about cross training or strength training.  I probably wasn’t using proper running shoes at the time, I was getting shin splints and it was hard.

My goal for this race was to just finish.  About a month before the race one of my best friends decided to run the race with me.  This was great because we could do it together, and both of us didn’t know what we were doing.  It wasn’t the best race for either of us, but we did it.

My goal was to finish in under 3 hours, which I achieved and even exceeded.  I think my finishing time was around 2:45 or so. 


My Second Half-Marathon

Fast forward to February 2016.

By this time, I had left cold Columbus, Ohio, and moved to sunny Tampa, Florida.  I was running on a bay-side boulevard (Bayshore) four or five times per week.  When you can pretty much roll out of bed and hit a scenic path like this, you should be running.

I was motivated.  I loved it down here.  I joined an online running forum where I made a ton of friends.  We became so close, five of them came to Tampa to run the Gasparilla Half Marathon with me.

This is one of the top half marathons in the country according to Runners World Magazine.  It should be on every runner’s bucket list.  It was amazing.

I took another half hour off my time (finished at 2:16). 


My third Half-Marathon

Tomorrow, I will be attempting my 3rd Half Marathon.  I feel more prepared than my first, but not as prepared as my 2nd.

I have been training for this one for about 6 months, but my schedule has been pretty busy with other things.  I have switched jobs.  I traveled.  My husband traveled. Life basically got in the way.

When I was training for my last race, it was in February, so I got to do a lot of my runs during the cooler months. But training for this one went right through the hot Summer and early Fall months.

I think what I missed this go around was a lot of my strength training. I was doing it during the early part of my training, but slacked off quite a bit by the second half.

I also struggled to get my shorter, middle-of-the week runs in.  Many times, I only got one extra run in during the week after the long run.

Either way, I’m ready to go.  Tomorrow’s race should be a blast.

After I rest and recover, I’ll post a quick update of how things went.

Wish me luck!

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