Guest Post- a True Story, and a Survey, from Butch


I haven’t exactly been discrete about doing this blog, and it seems as though I may have picked up a fan or two from my professional side along the way.  One of them, who works at one of my my favorite clients, offered to share this short story, and a quick survey question too.  

Have a childless man make a post for a website that’s for Working Moms? Sure, why not.  

Take it away,  Butch-

True story

I usually help with household chores.  Clean bathrooms , laundry , floors etc. You know the drill.

When I was single, my mother had help cleaning her house, and offered that help to clean mine. I guess she thought I was a slob.

So I took her up on it.

She calls me and says “they are looking for your mop.” I replied, “mop? I don’t have a mop.”

She responds (sacastically), “so how do you clean your floors?”  So I told her, I put the cleaner on the floor and use towels to mop it up.

Ok , she thinks I’m crazy.

I’m married now, and use the same technique ( although we do have a mop). One day, my wife sees me doing this, and says (rather loudly, lol) “you’re using the good towels on the floor? “

My response- “well, yes. And when I’m done, I’m going to wash them, and then they become good towels again!”

So my question is- If your husband helped clean floors in this manner, would you:

A) thank him for helping

B) say you’re using good towels on the floor (loudly)

C) shake your head in disbelief and walk away

Ok, Butch, I have to jump back in here. I think you’re asking the wrong question.

If the girls know not to put the cheap gas in the high end sports car, why is it so hard for the guys to understand that you don’t use the good towels for cleaning? lol

Thanks for sharing this post with us, I hope it’s been educational!  

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