Growing a Side Income


Brittany is stepping up her side income this year-

As you may have seen, over the last few months I have shared several ideas here on different ways to make a side income.

I’m currently in a situation where it makes more sense for me to stay home and take care of my daughter than to have  a fulltime job. She isn’t in school yet, so if I were to take a job working a day shift, I would have to pay out almost what I would be making to put her into daycare. If I were to work in the evenings, I would never see my other kids, or my husband.

Either way, it just isn’t the right choice for my family.

Fortunately, my husband is able to provide financial stability for us, and I don’t have to work. However, every now and then I have some down time. And I can’t think of a better way to spend that time than making some side money for my family!

So that’s what I’ve been doing the past couple of years, I’ve been making a side income.  This year, I’m looking to gow it into something more substantial.

My Side Income Beginnings

You wouldn’t know it from my previous posts, but my first few side jobs actually came to me by chance. My mother in law had hired a guy she knew to cut her grass. I guess his equipment broke and he just stopped showing up. I offered to cut it, and she offered to pay me. This was about 3 years ago, and I still go every week or two and cut her grass, rake leaves, plant flowers, whatever she needs.

At first, I thought she had offered me the job of cutting grass as a “you help me, I help you” kind of thing. But after the first time or two of cutting that mountain she calls a yard….I now know that it’s her form of punishment for me taking her last born baby boy!! Haha!


My next side job also kinda just fell in my lap, and it came from my mother in law as well. It was actually a friend of my mother in law’s, and she was needing someone to help clean her house. My mother in law knew that I was looking for some side work, and that I had previously worked as a housekeeper, so she told her friend to talk to me.

She ended up leaving a note on my door, and I started working the next week. She was only a once a month job, but once a month is better than none a month, so I took it. I showed up on time and worked hard every month.

Her husband works in construction, so when he worked on a house and it needed cleaned up after…guess whose name she gave him.

Build your reputation, the work will follow

I’m doing a little less of the manual  jobs, and a little more on the professional side now, but the concept is still the same.  Work hard, do it right, and deliver on time. Eventually, it will be noticed and pay off. You are your own advertisement, and word of mouth is your best friend!

One of the side jobs I picked up last year was a very small one working with an online communications company. They had responded to a Craigslist post I had made offering my services.

It was a virtual position, and very flexible, which worked out well for me being a stay at home Mom. I’m still doing it, and they’ve slowly added more and more work for me over this time. It’s not full-time, but it still offers me the same flexibility as when I started. And there’s room to grow.

And if I hadn’t done so well for them to start, I don’t think it would have grown to what it is today.

Growing my income

This Fall, my daughter will be heading off to school.  Instead of sitting at home, sad and lonely, I’m looking to take advantage and really ramp things up. Whether that’s getting more work through my current gig, or picking up additional gigs to supplement it, I want to increase my income this year.

I thought there might be other Moms out there who are also interested in building a nice side income for themselves, so I’m going to share updates on my progress.  I’ll let you know what works, and doesn’t work, and how I’m doing in building my own income.

How about you?  Do you have any income goals this year?  What are you doing to reach them?

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