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Have you or your kids ever lost something around the house? Ha ha, just kidding.  You wouldn’t be a Mom if you hadn’t.  Well if you find you or your family misplacing the occasional item, Brittany has a product that may solve all your problems…

One of every mother’s most important jobs is finding stuff. Someone is always looking for something.

Tablets, stuffed dogs, homework, backpacks, wallets, phones, keys. A little bit of everything.

Between my kids, my husband and myself, I am always looking for the things that are always lost.

The Struggles

Everyone is ready to go.

It only took 3 hours to get everyone dressed, everything packed up, and the whole family ready to go out the door. Now where are the keys?

Now, where did I put my keys?

Of course, no one has seen them. Now everyone is late because we have to spend the next 30 minutes looking for keys.

Here’s another one. It’s finally bedtime! (One of the best parts of the day!) The kids have bathed, brushed, got their pjs on and already heard their bedtime story. Hugs, kisses and I love you’s, and we are all done.

Except my son’s favorite stuffed dog is nowhere to be found.

It could be one of hundreds of possible scenarios. Regardless of which one it is, not being able to find what you are looking for is a struggle that is frustrating, aggravating, and can be disastrous. But what can you do about it? There is no way to keep track of all of your stuff, your spouse’s stuff, and your kid’s stuff, while also managing to keep them out of each other’s stuff. Right? Well for some of these things, I have found a solution that has worked wonders for me!

Never Lose it Again

A few months ago, I saw this commercial on tv one evening. It showed this poor little stuffed panda bear roaming around some city. The little bear was sad, looking around, roaming aimlessly. Lost. He was lost. :’-(

Then, all of a sudden, a little light starts flashing and beeping. The bear drops to the ground as a car pulls up behind him. Dad gets out, scoops up the little panda, and returns him to an overly excited little girl.

Turns out this cute little commercial is for a product called Tile. The original use for the product is a Bluetooth key finder device. You attach it to your keychain, and if you lose your keys, you use an app to make it play a loud noise so you can find it. Turns out, this one can be used for ALL kinds of things, and has some other cool features.

The Low Down

There are 4 different Tiles. They are all waterproof, and have a range of at least 100 feet. Tile Mate and Tile Slim are pretty plain and simple. The slim is super thin, making it useful for wallets and billfolds. Tile Sport and Tile Style have a different look to them. Sport looks more rugged, Style is more sleek, and they both are louder and have a 200 foot range.

Prices range from $20-$35 for 1, and go up to $100-$180 for an 8 pack. And they are also available in combo pack. Free shipping in the US, 30 day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty.

These things have tons of uses

I can hook one to my son’s stuffed dog, and my daughters favorite bear, so when nap time rolls around, we have no issues finding where they put them. I put one of the slims in my husband’s wallet, and hooked another to his keys. I hooked them on backpacks and my purse. It has saved me so much time in the mornings that I used to spend searching for everything. There are even adhesive patches that let me hook them to tablets, blankets, pretty much anything. And with the app downloaded, if I can’t find my phone, I push the button on one of my tiles and it plays a tone on my phone even when it’s on silent or vibrate.

Lost and Found

One thing that makes this stand out from other “find my” products is the lost and found community that can help you find your item even if it’s outside of the 100-200 foot Bluetooth range. If you keep the app running in the background of your phone, it will show you on a map the last place you had your item with you.

And here comes the really cool part. If you lose an item, you go to your app and report that it is lost. If another Tile user comes within range of your item, their device will automatically send you an anonymous notification with an updated location of your item. So, it’s pretty much like having other people help you look for an item without asking and without them knowing. (Because no one wants a bunch of random strangers going on a treasure hunt for their lost wallet)

Saving my Sanity, one less lost item at a time

This product and saved me not only a ton of time and money, but it has also saved my sanity. I no longer have to spend hours looking for keys, beloved stuffies, wallets, keys or backpacks. No longer are the days of shelling out money to replace items that my family can’t live without only to find the original a week later.

No more hassle, no more frustration and no more dreading the phrase “MOM!!! I can’t find my….”

Have you used Tile?  Or do you have a similar product you’d recommend?  Let me know in the comments below.

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