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Have you ever seen the movie Chef?  Starring Jon Favreau?  Not only did he star in it, he also wrote and directed this movie.

And, a little movie trivia for you, he is also the same person that directed and produced the Iron Man movies, and Elf. If you don’t follow him, you should.

Anyways, Chef is a great movie about a guy who gives up working in a restaurant and starts his own food truck.

Constantly, thoughout the movie, there are scenes with Jon’s character cooking up something impressive. With plenty of close-ups so you could see exactly what he was doing.

By the time I was done watching it, I was starving. And I wanted to run out and start my own food truck.

I don’t have the culinary skills, the creativity, the time, nor the monetary means to start one, but boy do I love a great food truck.

I think they used to be relegated to the strips where all the bars are.  But it seems like, over the last ten years or so, that they’ve become much more mainstream. And I’m glad they have.

I can’t get enough of them.  And lucky for me, I am married to someone that shares the enthusiasm.

Junior’s Tacos

We used to live in Columbus (OH), and that’s where I started to get my addiction to food trucks. We stumbled across one that really got us interested.

It was call Juniors Taco’s, and it was open at a spot within walking distance to our house every Friday.  When the weather was nice, we loved taking a walk over there and getting some authentic Mexican cuisine.

The tacos were awesome, and not the Tex Mex stuff. They were served with fresh limes, no shredded cheddar on these tacos.

They were delicious.  I was hooked.

Streets Lined with Food Trucks

Last year, we took a family vacation to D.C. to see the sights, and visit some family that lives in there.  Walking around the Mall area where all the Museums are, the streets are lined with food trucks. Blocks and blocks of them.

Every day and everywhere. When you’re hungry, the smells are irresistible.  They have such a wide variety depending on what you’re in the mood for, gyros, hot dogs, burgers, bbq, Italian, and more.

I forget which ones we settled on, and I think our son may have actually chosen something from a different truck than what we chose. But that’s the beauty of it, the flexibility.  And, most of the time, Food Trucks are more affordable than your typical casual restaurant, and maybe even healthier than fast food.

Food truck Fridays

My husband works in a nice sized office complex, and on Fridays, they have food trucks.  Each week it’s something different, and often there’s more than one truck, so you have a little bit of a selection.

My husband gets pretty excited about this. I guess he gets tired of the cafeteria food from time to time and enjoys the change up.

Actually, he’s really developed an interest in Food Trucks. So much so that he’s starting to follow them online and has even recently turned his Instagram into a record of his food truck experiences. You can check it out for yourself here- buckeyechrisp.

In fact, if you want to follow him, his profile is a little lonely and could use a good boost.

A lunch visit

Last week, my schedule had me finishing an appointment less than a mile from his office around lunch time.  So, what do I as a hungry wife do?  I gave him a call and invited myself to lunch with him of course.  Luckily, he was free.

I arrived and saw the two food trucks set up and already taking their first customers.  There were two this day, one soul food and another for wings.

They both smelled great.  However, a little insight about me, I have a wings addition. Anyone that knows me would have guessed that I steered my husband towards getting something from the wings truck, and they’d be right.

Am I so glad I did, because they were so worth it.  It was restaurant quality food, served faster and at a cheaper price.

You can smell it, you can see it

I think that is what the appeal of food trucks is.  You can smell it.  You can see it. You can get it quickly.  And when it arrives, it hits all of your senses.

It’s a great business opportunity for any Chef or anyone that loves to cook and wants to start their own business.   The start-up costs to creating your own food truck is a lot lower, and it’s less risky than starting your own restaurant.

But that’s what you’re really doing. You’re starting your own mobile restaurant.

Support your locally owned businesses

Unlike a lot of restaurants these days, you don’t have any chain Food Trucks.  Typically, when you are ordering from a food truck you are supporting a local entrepreneur.  A small business owner.  Someone pursuing their passion.  And I guarantee you, your food is probably made with more love and care than than it gets from the average line cook at any restaurant.

As you can see, I’ve developed a little bit of an interest in food trucks as well.  I’ll never start one of my own, and we still dine out at restaurants as well. But I’m finding new Food Trucks more often, and as I do, I find myself trying them more often as well.

So how about you, got any Food Trucks in your city that you love?

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2 thoughts on “Food Trucks

  1. Oh my! I share your love for food trucks. My family and I recently moved to Austin, Texas and oh boy, am I enjoying all the new food trucks we are getting to experience. There are quite a few that I am loving right now, but the best find by far has been the Churro Co. food truck. If you are ever in Austin, Texas, that is definitely a must visit!

    1. Oh you’re right in the thick of it! I have been hearing so much about Austin lately. Regarding the food scene, technology and how it’s up and coming so this doesn’t surprise me. Now I’m jealous 😉. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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