Five Must-have Instant Pot Accessories


After their release in 2010, Instant Pots have gradually increased in popularity over the last decade.

The advantages of only having one pot to wash up, being able to cook a meal while you’re out, and the fact that it can cook a mind-blowing variety of foods has meant that many of us moms have made them an essential part of our kitchen.

With the aforementioned increase in popularity, there has been an explosion in the amount of Instant Pot accessories. But with literally hundreds to choose from where you do start?

I’ve tried to narrow the list down by picking out what I feel are the 5 must-have Instant Pot accessories.

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  1. Glass Lid

The glass lid is top of the list because it is a necessity for when you are using the non-pressurized functions on your Instant Pot.

If you are cooking using “Sauté” mode, then it will prevent your food from spitting and splashing over the sides, and if you are using the slow cooking function then it will be a vital component in keeping the moisture in your food.

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  1. Extra Silicone Ring

Not only is this wise to have as a replacement for when the ring that came with the Instant Pot originally degrades, but it gives you the opportunity to segregate flavors.

The silicone ring can pick up flavors from particularly strong smelling foods and spices such as cumin. These flavors can then slowly disseminate into your other dishes, which is great if cumin happens to fit that dish, but terrible if you are making a cheesecake!

A top tip is to buy rings that are different colors and assign each color a flavor. For instance, you could have a red ring for savory foods, a clear one for sweet treats, and a blue one for fish dishes.

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  1. Silicone Lid

This one is one of my favorite Instant Pot accessories because it’s a life saver when it comes to storing one of those meals when you’ve accidentally made enough to feed more than double the size of your family (we’ve all done it!).

Just simply pop the airtight silicone lid on your Instant Pot and then stick it in the fridge to have for lunch the next day or for dinner later in the week (use within a few days).

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  1. Stackable Steamer Pans

These pans are all the rage recently, and rightly so. Steam cooking is a much healthier way of cooking food, and with these stackable pans you can cook multiple different foods all at once.

You could have some meat in the bottom pan while you simultaneously steam your vegetables above, which is a brilliant use of your Instant Pot real estate.

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  1. Extra Ceramic Non-Stick Inner Pot

This is essentially the exact same inner pot that comes with your Instant Pot. The reason behind buying another one is that you can have two pots on the go, preparing one element of your meal in one, whist all of the other ingredients are already cooking in the machine.

Or, as I mentioned above, if you happen to have your current inner pot stored in the fridge for later, you aren’t going to be prevented from cooking another Instant Pot meal the following evening.

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Stick with what you need

When it comes to Instant Pot accessories it seems there are no limits to how many extra gadgets you can buy!

However, I think it’s best to just stick to three to five to begin with, before you start to expand your horizons and look to cook more complicated meals that require extra equipment.

Which Instant Pot accessories have you decided to invest in? How have they helped you with your cooking?

Let me know in the comments below!


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