Fast Toys…..Not Just for Boys!!


Wait, do you still think WorkingMomX is just about Moms who slave away in the office when we’re not taking care of our kids? That our idea of fun is a long bath or conversation with friends over coffee?  Yeah, all that might be true, but it doesn’t stop there.  As Brittany is about to tell you, there can be a whole other side of us Working Moms.

Dirt bikes, four wheelers, rail buggies, motorcycles, fishing. These are all words that most people associate with men.

Oh, those boys and their toys!

Well, guess what? These are all things that I love too, and I am most definitely NOT a boy. We can’t let the fellas have all the fun, now can we??

Maybe She’s Born With It?

I’ve always been somewhat of a Tomboy.

My mom was so excited to have a little girl. She got my ears pierced when I was a baby, and constantly had me in frilly dresses with the lace topped fold over socks and cute little dress shoes. My hair was always up in a little twig on top of my head. She wanted a girly girl so badly.

Once I got old enough to pick out my own clothes and dress myself, dresses and skirts were gone. My mom was so upset and she tried her damnedest to convince me otherwise. But I wasn’t having it. Jeans, shorts and T-shirt’s were my thing, and no one was changing my mind. I loved being outside, getting dirty, playing sports….you know….all the fun stuff.

My dad bought us gas powered go karts that I would ride for hours. He took us for muddy rides in rail buggies and four wheelers, fishing trips, and we went camping all the time. My mom’s sweet little dress up, girly girl, baby doll was gone, and chances were, she wasn’t coming back. Sorry mom. Love you!


As I got older, it just got worse. Other than an occasional pinch of makeup, and maybe little bit of curls on picture day, I was all tomboy. I would wear my hair in a ponytail, a wrestling T-shirt, and jeans to school most days. And after school, while all the girls were at the mall or having sleepovers, I was in the woods, or jumping off cliffs at our local lake.

I loved every minute of it!

Big changes

I was never afraid of much growing up. I was one of those people who was up for anything, and I would try everything at least once. Leap before you look, ask for forgiveness instead of permission, etc.

But then I had kids.

And oh how the tables turned. Almost immediately, I was terrified of doing anything even remotely risky.

I tried to go to the lake once after I had the kids, and couldn’t make myself jump off the rocks. All I kept thinking was I might jump into a pit of water moccasins. I tried to ride dads four wheeler, and all I kept thinking was I was gonna flip it and kill myself.

Every time I tried doing something that used to be fun, all I could think was the worst case scenario. My babies needed me!

Getting Back on the “Horse”

After I got married and we got on our feet, my husband started looking at some toys to buy. He has always been an adrenaline junkie, and babies or not…he is fearless. He landed on a nice dirt bike (a Suzuki RM250 for those who know dirt bikes) for himself. He was thrilled to have something to play on.

But he could never find anyone to go ride with him.

One day he shows up at the house with another bike loaded up in the back of his truck. This one is a little bit smaller than the first (a Honda CRF100, if you’re keeping track). But my husband is six feet tall and 230 lbs., which is way more than that second bike can handle.

Yeah…you guessed it. It’s not for him. It’s for Mrs. Worst Case Scenario.

His and Hers

So he makes me get in the truck. Takes me and the bike behind a local mall, that doesn’t get much traffic at all, and just drops me and the bike off. He tells me that we are gonna start slow, and he will be right back.

I get a feel for the bike while he is gone. Sit on it, start it up, check it out. About 5 mins after he leaves, he comes back with the kids and a power wheels. So we all spend the evening doing laps together behind that mall.

Moving On

The more laps I did, the more comfortable I got. My husband showed me some tricks and tips that I didn’t really care to know before when I was young. He bought me a helmet, goggles, and gloves.

I was ready for off roading!

He took me to a couple places that weren’t too crazy, and just let me play. I wiped out a couple times, but nothing too bad, so I always got right back up.

We had a blast together. These were our date nights now. The kids would go to their mamaws for a night, and we would load up, get our gear, and go ride for hours.

This is how we do date night

We got a four wheeler, and spent a weekend camping at an off road event that’s local to our area. And we just recently also got a street bike. That’s mostly his baby, but I am easing into riding it too.

Not Just for Boys!

Once I got over my worst case syndrome, I started having fun like I used to.

I don’t think I will ever go back. (unless one of my worst case scenarios happens haha) There is nothing wrong with getting your hands a little dirty every now and then. And let’s face it…Girls just wanna have fun too! We can’t leave all the fun toys for the boys!

Do you like to ride and get muddy, or go fishing and camping and play like the boys do? Let us know in the comments!

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