Extended Family Get Togethers


Brittany would like to share with you some thoughts about her “Extended Family” get togethers

I’m sure that I have mentioned before that I love my family. I really truly do. My husband, kids, parents, sibling. They are all great (most of the time). It’s a hard life without the love and support of family members. I don’t see or talk to my other family members (aunts, uncles, cousins, etc) very often but I love them too.

My Very Extended Family

My parents both have pretty big families. My mom had 5 brothers and sisters, my dad had 3 siblings. Their parents each had multiple siblings. And I know that doesn’t sound like a lot but when you take into account their spouses, children, grandchildren, spouses relatives, etc….it adds up really quick.

My dad isn’t a very “lovey” man. He isn’t big on going to family get togethers or reunions. He would much rather stay home or go fishing or pretty much anything other than a family function. He doesn’t even like going to his grandkids birthday parties.

My mom, on the other hand, loves that kind of stuff. Family reunions, birthday parties, work parties, Christmas parties, etc. She is the first one to sign up as long as she doesn’t have to go by herself. To ensure that she doesn’t have to go alone, she makes sure to sign me up too.

The Prep

Going to a family function sounds pretty straightforward and simple right? WRONG. First thing to do is rearrange everything that’s already planned to make room for said get together. Then we have to figure out who is going and how we are all getting there. How many people will mom be bringing? Will I be able to talk my husband into going? Who is riding with who and where are car seats going to fit?

More times than not they are potluck functions. Everyone brings a plate. So the next task is figuring out what to make and then get it ready. This year (this past Saturday) I made fruit kabobs and pretzel s’mores bites. (One for me and one for mom.) They turned out pretty good but it still sucked going to the grocery store for the ingredients. Not to mention the time it took the night before to get it all done.

The Day Of

The day of is always hectic! The actual reunion was at noon. I got up at 6am to make sure that I could get everything together in time. I took a shower and got myself ready. Made breakfast, tried one more time to convince my husband to go, and put the finishing touches on the desserts. My kids stayed the night with my mother in law so i had to get them clothes together, pick them up and get them ready. Then I had to meet my mom so she could ride with us.

We go to this every year but neither of us can ever remember how to get there. So we left about one hour early even though we only had maybe a 25 minute drive ahead of us. Of course, 10 minutes into this drive, the kids start screaming that they have to use the potty and they are sooooooo bored. Needless to say….it was one long drive.

The Arrival

We finally make it, after a couple wrong turns, turn arounds and direction changes. It had rained for days before the reunion so finding a parking spot that wasn’t in a mud hole was impossible. Unloading a car full of kids and delicious desserts while standing in a mud puddle is no fun.

My mom is happy to see everyone and giving hugs and kisses. Everyone is saying hi and finishing set up. I don’t know any of these people. I see them all maybe twice a year, if even that, so I don’t even know how to introduce them to my kids. They are too young to remember anyway. Out of all the people there, I only know maybe 10 people total and half of them rode with me.

But it’s still Fun

Even though the whole process is crazy, hectic and adds that much more stress to my stressful life, we always end up having a nice time. The kids get to play with family they didn’t know they had. My mom gets to catch up with her siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins. We get to eat good food and listen to the older men play banjos and guitars. As much as I dread going and complain that my mom makes me go, it always turns out fun in the end.

Do you attend family functions? Do you enjoy going? Let us know in the comments!

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