Brittany wants to tell you about a very cool product she tried, it’s called CozyPhones

I love to listen to music. I listen to it when I work out. I listen to it while I’m cleaning.  I listen to it whenever I can, while doing something else.  Most of the time, nobody else wants to hear what I’m listening to, so I do it on my headphones.

It’s not just when I’m listening to music that I put my headphones on.  Oftentimes, I find myself wanting to watch something when all of the tv’s are occupied.

Don’t ask me how, as one of the only two adults in a house full of tv’s, I can be the one without a tv to watch, but it happens. That’s probably a good topic for another time. But the result is I end up watching whatever show I wanted to watch, on my phone, with the headphones.

For me, earbuds are the WORST. Maybe I just have the weirdest shaped ears ever, but they refuse to stay put. They stay for a second, but as soon as I move, or do ANYTHING, they fall out. So, either I’m replacing earbuds back into my oddly shaped ear every 2 seconds, or I’m  wearing the pair of big, bulky, ugly headphones we have. Ugh.

And it’s not just me, my kids have the same issues. Earbuds won’t stay in and headphones drive them crazy. It’s just uncomfortable for them, and they usually end up taking them off.

Then we have the volume wars. Ugh!!

Along came CozyPhones

With all the earbud and headphone drama occurring in my household, I was super thrilled when CozyPhones gave us a chance to try out their product. At first, I wasn’t sure exactly what they were, but once I knew, I was more than ready to give it a shot!

So, what are they? They are headphones, that are built into a nice, soft, headband.

Yes. It is every bit as cool as it sounds.

Test Run

When they asked me which one I wanted to try, I knew a true test would need to involve my kids. I chose the “Whatif Monster”, because I wanted something gender neutral that both of my smaller kids could use without issue.

Shipping only took a couple of days, and of course my daughter wasted no time tearing into the package when it arrived. I helped her unravel the cord and adjust the speakers, and then we plugged them in and she was up and running.

She loved them!

They kept her hair out of her face. They didn’t move around or fall off. And they had a good volume. When my son got home from school, it was his turn. And I think he enjoyed them even more than she did.

My Turn!

Like a Boss

I’m not going to lie…..the second I got a chance, I was wearing the Whatif Monster headband around the house like a boss!

I think they are awesome! They didn’t come off once. The volume was great. They kept my hair back, and they helped keep the sweat out of my eyes and off my face as I was working.

I also wore them while I did yoga, and again later when I laid down for the evening. I think I may have gotten more use out of them in the first few days than the kids did! They never once hurt me or made me uncomfortable while doing different poses or trying to go to sleep.

I’m ready to get a pair just for myself. But I think when I do, I’ll get the Bluetooth version.  I noticed several times as I was putting our test pair through the paces, that I found myself thinking wireless would be nice.  But I was pretty active with them, kids and Moms with a more laid-back lifestyle would be just fine with the wired version.

Lots of Options

CozyPhones has many options for both kids, as well as several options for adults too. The adult choices include both sleep and active lifestyle.

They also have tons of designs, so there is a set for anyone. For the kids, some of the options include Paw Patrol characters (Chase, Skye, and Marshall), unicorns, frogs, bunnies, and a bunch of others.  Adults have lots of choices too.

All of the CozyPhones are lightweight, washable, and have adjustable speakers. The adult series come with a carrying bag, and the mesh lining helps keep you cool while sleeping or working out. Prices range from $17.97 up to $29.99.

One other cool fact about CozyPhones-it’s not some super sized corporation, it’s actually a Veteran Owned family business.

Just what we needed

Thank you to the folks over at CozyPhones for giving us a chance to try out this awesome product. I have found my new favorite headphones, and it is a way better option for both my kids and myself than what we had before.


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2 thoughts on “CozyPhones

    1. Susan….they are too cool! I got more use out of them than the kids did! I can’t wait to try the adult version. That way we can all rock our cozy phones together! It’s definitely a better option for kids than anything we have tried yet!

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