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If you haven’t noticed, one of the things I’ve been sharing here are different ways Moms can earn an extra income.  I like to post topics like this because, lets face it, who couldn’t use some extra cash?

One of the side income ideas I’ve shared information on previously is taking paid surveys.  I recently shared my experiences with one company in particuliar I tried out, Survey Junkie.

Recently, I decided to check out another online survey company called Survey Club.  Now that I’ve used it a couple weeks, I can provide you with a comparison of the two.

Survey Junkie vs Survey Club- Signing Up

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie’s process is pretty straight forward. First, you’ll go to SurveyJunkie . Click the bright green Join Now button.  You have the option to sign up via Facebook, Google+ or your email address.  I signed up via Facebook because it’s one less password to try to remember.

Yep, I am that quick to give away all of my privacy rights.

The process is fairly quick.  It walks you through five quick screens.  You’ll get 50 points just for registering.  Complete your profile, which is an easy 16 steps, and you’ll get another 50.

Here’s what your screen looks like after you sign up.  As you can see on the left hand side- this is where it keeps a running tally of the total # of points you are earning as you go through the QuickStart Checklist.

Survey Club

The process for signing up to Survey Club is somewhat similar to Survey Junkie in the beginning. It asks for info such as number of people in the household, and what possessions you own (for example an iPhone was one of them).

As I was finishing up the signup process, I thought the following question was interesting- Have I purchased expensive art (over $3,000)?

Let’s face it, if I had the time or money to purchase expensive art that costs over $3,000, I probably wouldn’t be here blogging about taking paid surveys.

Anyways, after you complete the signup process, you need to select sites that you are interested in taking surveys from a list of eight that they provide.

They recommend signing up for at least three, and each has a little different group of surveys they provide. Each also requires additional signup effort.

Here’s something else I found interesting about Survey Club.  When you sign up with them, you will also have the ability to apply to participate in in-person and online focus groups.

Some of these focus groups can pay $50 to $250 per hour.  I haven’t been selected for one yet, but I think it’d be pretty exciting if I was.

 Navigating the sites

Survey Junkie

Once you complete the signup process, there are numerous surveys you’ll be able to choose from.  The main screen is set up like a dashboard, and one thing I really like about Survey Junkie is you can access all of the surveys from this dashboard.

You earn so many points per survey, and it’s partially based on the time needed to complete it.  Sometimes, you may qualify for surveys for which you can earn more points in less time. Based on how much time you have on your hands at the moment, you can decide which survey you want to take or how many by how much time it may take.

Survey Junkie tells you how much each survey is worth in points, and each point is worth a penny. You can log in at any time and see how many points you’ve earned.  And once you’ve collected 1,000 points, you can redeem them.

Survey Club

Once you are signed up, and you log in- this is what your main page looks like.  Here you can see what surveys are available, how long they will take, and who they are targeting.  There is a wide range.  There are some surveys that will pay you 50 cents for 10 minutes.

I don’t see any value in that, and would skip over it.

But then there’s others where you can do one and get paid $16 for 20 minutes.  Browse around and see what’s out there.

Participating in Surveys

Survey Junkie

When you select the survey you want to take you will be asked some additional questions as you begin.  This is to help qualify that you meet their demographic.

For example, they want to make sure that you’re not taking a survey about owning pets if in fact you don’t own any pets.

Survey Club

This survey company operates a little differently when it comes to taking surveys.

First, you will get offers to complete surveys directly from the various sites you signed up for in the beginning.

Another thing I noticed about the Surveys from Survey Club is that they go to great lengths to qualify you before each specific survey. So, it can be a little more time consuming to take surveys, and you may end up not qualifying for surveys they invited you to take.

Redeeming Earnings

Survey Junkie

You can redeem your points that have been earned once you reach a threshold of 1,000 points, which equates to $10.00. You can redeem them via an e- Gift Card, with popular choices such as Target, Starbucks or Amazon.

If you’re not in the mood for a gift card and prefer cold hard cash, you can also redeem your points via PayPal or Dwolla.

The beauty of this is how simple everything is.

Forget how many surveys you have taken, or how you accumulated your points?  You can take a look at the details via the History tab.

Survey Club

Redeeming points on Survey Club is a little different. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that with this one you need to have over $20 in earnings before you can request to redeem them.

Final Thoughts on Survey Junkie vs Survey Club

So, what’s my preference between these two survey companies?

I like the simplicity of Survey Junkie. You only have to sign up with one company, and all your survey offers come directly from them.  With this company, you also have multiple options of how you can redeem your points, which is nice.

However, with Survey Club, there are a wider variety of survey opportunities. You may find that you don’t qualify for many of them, or try to sign up after a survey is already full, but the ones you do take can be pretty worthwhile.  I’ve earned $20 and more off some individual surveys on this site.

The bottom line, probably doesn’t hurt to be signed up for both sites.  Create a folder in your email for all of the notifications so that your inbox doesn’t overloaded, and then as you have time, sign up for the ones you want to take.

As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts about taking surveys, you’re probably not going to make enough for this to be one of your main sources of income. But as a nice little side income, one that doesn’t interfere with your job or family, taking surveys can be worthwhile.

Follow these links to sign up for Survey Club and Survey Junkie:


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