Close Encounters with “Children” of the Third Kind


Do you have pets in your household? If not, you might want to get Brittany’s take on them before you ever make the plunge-

As we all know, there are three types of children. For those of you who are unfamiliar…let me explain. Children of the first kind. These are our actual children. Our offspring, babies, brats.  Whatever you choose to call them. Children of the second kind. These are the bigger of our children. Our spouse, partner, the old ball and chain.

Finally, we have made it to our children of the third kind. These children can take many forms. They can be four legged and furry, 2 legged and feathery, or no legged and scaley. Yes, my friends. I am talking about pets. Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, hamster, snake, or any other animal in your home, they are also your child.

In the Beginning

I had tons of pets throughout my childhood. During my 18 years as a dependent of my parents we had multiple dogs, a cat, hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, rabbits, tons of fish, frogs, turtles and even a little garden snake that we found. We were pretty well versed in the pet department.

I have so many happy memories of life with pets. Watching and feeding the fish in their aquariums. Chasing our cute, fluffy tailed bunnies around the back yard. Watching my tiny little hamster stuff his jaws full of food or endlessly run on his wheel. Awww!! So cute right?

Having Pets in Adulthood

After I had kids, naturally they started asking for pets. And of course, the first thing they want is a dog. Unfortunately, that request was denied with a big Mom veto! I was working full time at that point and had no time or patience for a dog. So, until they were old enough to pitch in with some puppy care, we tested out some smaller critters.

Fish came first. We went to the local pet store and they each picked out their own fish. We got all the fishy gear and they gave them cute little fishy names that I can no longer remember. (It was at least 10 years ago. Give me a break!) They loved them…..for about a week. Then, they forgot about them.

As they grew, they continued to ask for a dog. But again, the Mom veto was still in effect. But we did try rabbits and hamsters. Little, easy critters because they were just another thing added to Mom’s list of lives to care for. Plus, having pets was nothing like my childhood memories. I didn’t get to do any of the cute, sweet, fun stuff. I got to change bedding, clean up messes and dispose of bodies.

The D Word

Minnie and Maxie

Eventually, I had four kids ganging up on me about getting a dog. So I finally caved. And we didn’t get just a dog, we ended up with 2 female (sister) puppies. I know, I know….what was I thinking?! Meet Minnie (black) and Maxie (brown).

The first few weeks were pretty smooth sailing. Seeing the joy on the kids faces when they came in and saw these two sweet little pups was almost priceless. But that’s the thing. Dogs are anything but priceless. Leashes, collars, bowls, crates, beds, training pads, and food. Oh my.

They are worse than kids when it comes to food.

And the money doesn’t stop there. Replacing my new boots they chewed up….$30. Cleaners for the little accidents that can’t be helped….$20. The toys that they destroy in less than two seconds…..$15. The newly planted flowers they pull up out of my flower bed…$25. Family portrait that can’t be replaced…irreplaceable.

Ugh, even our family picture!?!

I could go on for days!!

These aren’t the only worries you will have either. Where to put them when you’re at work and no one else is home? How can you keep them in the yard? How to keep them from chasing the neighbor’s cat? Dealing with the neighbor when they do chase the cat. Fleas, ticks, illness. This list just keeps going too.

Pets, just like having another Kid

Like I said before, having a pet as an adult is nothing like having pets as a kid. The kids get all the cute stuff now while we are stuck with all the pee, poop and utter destruction. The kids do have a ton of fun with them, but before you decide to jump into the whole pet situation, make sure you are ready to deal with all of that. Plus the time it takes to care for another life,

Do you have pets already or have your children been begging you for one? Let us know in the comments

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4 thoughts on “Close Encounters with “Children” of the Third Kind

  1. We have always had a dog in our house, we’ve got a chocolate lab now. And she’s definitely part of the family. We always had one when I was a kid too, so I can’t imagine not having a dog.

  2. We always had dogs growing up and I loved it! It’s definitely a completely different experience as an adult. But I still love them! It probably didn’t help that right after we got them, I ended up with double pneumonia and then right after that we bought a house and had to start moving!! Just a bunch of hectic craziness! We are finally starting to get settled now tho

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