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As a Mom to three boys and one girl, Brittany knows a thing or two about this subject-

I have been very blessed when it comes to my children.

I started my motherhood journey almost 14 years ago. I had my first child in 2004, a son. Then, in 2006, I had my second son. Fast forward to 2013, another son. After him, I thought I was done having children. I was going to have my three boys and that was that. But…SURPRISE!!! In 2014, I welcomed another child. But this one was different. This child was a girl. My first and only daughter.

The first year or so, she was no different than my boys. Well, other than her refusal to sleep all night and the clothes I put on her. She took bottles, had to have her diaper changed, laughed, cried, teethed. All the normal baby stuff.

But, as my daughter grew, I started to see that boys and girls are very, very different creatures to raise!

Physical Differences

Of course, we all know about the physical difference between girls and boys. The birds and the bees, hair length/styles, size, etc. I’m not sure if I was just accustomed to caring for boys or what, but I was completely clueless when it came to my daughter. And I know that sounds kinda strange, ya know, because I am a girl also, but I really was.

Here is an example. When she started getting hair, she would wake up with a big frizzy spot on the back of her head. I had no clue how to manage it! So I went to social media and asked advice from my fellow “girl moms.” The solution was to use….conditioner. Yes, it was that simple. How could I not think of that?!


This is another area where I have found a difference. Both in the amount of attention needed, as well as in her attention span. Granted, my daughter is only three, so I’m sure things will change over the years. As of right now though she seems to want a lot more attention than I remember my boys needing. She wants me to paint nails and toenails or braid her hair. She always wants to be the center of attention and if she isn’t getting the attention she wants….she makes sure to let us know.

Talking about attention span, as far as my kids are concerned, my daughter seems to be able to focus on a task much longer than my boys. I have to almost force my sons to sit down and do class work or art projects. But not her. She will sit for hours and draw or try to write. I don’t know if she just really wants to learn or if she is just enjoys drawing.


In this category, I have noticed HUGE differences between my boys and my girl. My sweet, precious little boys want help with everything. Teachers used to (and still do) get on to me for helping too much. I helped with jackets, zippers, tying shoes, getting dressed, and any other thing they needed help with. Especially when they were younger, and still today with my 4 year old.

My daughter, on the other hand, refuses to let me help her do anything. She wants to do absolutely everything by herself. No help from mommy allowed. And after helping so much with my boys, it kind of breaks my heart. I just want to help!! But it also make me proud. My strong, independent little lady knows that she can already do things on her own. So hopefully it carries on with her as she grows!

Mommy’s Boy/Daddy’s Girl

This one holds very true in my household. Like I said above, my boys need me for everything. They want mom to take them to school. They want mom to tuck them in. They want mom to comfort them when they are hurt or sick. Mom is the top dog to her boys.

My adorably cute baby girl is a totally different story. She spends all day with me and I know she loves me dearly. But as soon as Daddy comes in the door, she forgets all about me. She loves her Daddy. And she knows that she can just give him a cute look or say something sweet and he will do whatever she wants. It’s pretty bad that she is only 3 and already knows how to get one over on Daddy!

My Babies

Regardless of their differences, boys, girls, big, little, it doesn’t matter. They are all my babies. I love them all the same. I love their similarities. I love their differences. I love them!

Can you tell a difference in your boys and girls? Do they act alike or are they as different as day and night?? Let us know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Boys vs Girls

  1. I have two boys, and two girls, and it’s exactly the same. Daddy’s girls and Mommy’s boys!

    I do see a little more overlap than it sounds like you have, but in my family, my one daughter is the oldest, and one of my sons is the second oldest. They’re followed by my other daughter and then other son. I wonder if that is why.

  2. I had my 3 boys and then my girl came last. And she is totally different than my boys. She was even different as a baby. She never slept through the night like the boys. She refused to eat any baby food at all. She is just absolutely 100% different. And I don’t know why I didn’t think she would be lol. I’m a clueless girl mom lol you would think that since I’m a girl, I would be a little better at it!

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