4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Working Moms


With spring upon us once more, many of us moms break out our cleaning supplies and hit those neglected spaces hard with a deep clean before the arrival of the warmer summer months.

Every mom has a different approach to spring cleaning, but I thought I would give a few tips including how to make the most of this time, what products I’ve found to produce the best results and why it’s best to get help from other family members rather than tackle it on our own.

Make A Plan

There is no point going into a spring clean (or any cleaning for that matter) without a clear plan of what you want to achieve.

You don’t have to make a complicated wall chart or anything, a simple pen and notepaper will do. Write down any areas you know that need extra attention that aren’t part of your usual cleaning routine, and check them off your list once they are complete.

Arm Yourself With Cleaning Supplies

Of course everyone will have their own preferences here but I find that for picking up dust and dirt on general surfaces the Swiffer Duster does a great job and not just picking stuff up but holding it rather than simply spreading it around the room like many other brands do.

Secondly, if there any surfaces that require extra attention, or need spraying first in order to shift the dirt or grime then I highly recommend investing in microfiber cloths.

They are much grippier than traditional cloths and they last a hell of a lot longer. All you have to do is put them in the washer when you are finished and they are good as new, ready to go again.

There are several brands that will work but I use these Microfiber Cleaning Cloths from VibraWipe, which provide great value for money.

Prioritize Your Time

This goes hand-in-hand with your planning phase, and helps to hold yourself accountable during your cleaning. There is no point listing a messy walk-in storage cupboard in your plan and then spending 3 of your 8 hours set aside for cleaning on it.

No guests will ever see inside that cupboard, even if you make it the most regimented place in your house, your kids will somehow find a way to make it messy again, and you will be left with no time to spend on the areas of your house that guests certainly will notice if it’s not clean.

Focus on the areas of the house you use the most, and then when they are all finished allocate 30 minutes to an hour speed-cleaning and decluttering your hidden areas. If you don’t attach time limits to your areas you are likely spend too long making everything look perfect.

Delegation Is Key

You should never be doing the spring cleaning on your own. Rope your spouse in to do some tasks, or even your kids if you don’t have a partner.

As I mentioned in my post on why you should give kids chores, spring cleaning can be a great opportunity to bond with your kids. You can even give them their own laminated chart with their nominated tasks (use this cheap laminator if you haven’t got one), which they can check off with a Sharpie once they have completed them.

This will help massively to cut down the amount of time required to clean and occupies the kids with helpful activities, rather than tearing up the house, ruining all of your hard work.

Save time cleaning

These tips should help you eliminate wasted time on unnecessary cleaning, help you use the most effective products and help you decide which areas of your house you need to prioritize.

Do you have any tips for spring cleaning? If you do, let me know in the comments below!

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