3 Great Cocktails for Summer


So how many of us drink mommy juice?  No, I am not referring to breast milk.  I am referencing that cocktail (glass of wine, hard seltzer, or beer) that we grab at the end of the day after our kids, spouses, and jobs have worn us down to a nub.

So here’s the question- what are you pouring into your Yeti to keep your drink as cold and refreshing, for as long as possible, when you can finally put your feet up, watch your show, or catch up on Facebook?

Since it’s summer, and you’re probably having lots of cookouts and get togethers with the friends and neighbors, I thought it’d be a great idea to try out a couple cocktails I could review and share with you.  Seriously, I totally volunteered for this task.

So here it is, my 3 Great Cocktails for Summer.

Moscow Mule

Moscow Mule is best served in a copper cup

First up is the Moscow Mule.  There are many versions of this one out there, but here’s a simple one.

I have wanted to dry one of these for a while. This cocktail has nothing to do with Moscow or mules, but it’s a ginger vodka drink that just tastes surprisingly different but good.

This is also the drink that set me back the most.

Moscow Mule ingredients

The recipe calls for a ginger beer.  I couldn’t find a single can, so I am now the proud owner of a six-pack of Wild Ginger beer.  It’s also mixed with some vodka.  I don’t like to drink cheap vodka, because it gives me a headache.  So Tito’s it is.  And of course the lime, which you squeeze into the drink and also use to garnish it.

It is almost always served in a copper tin cup.  Why?  I have no idea. Since we are not the trendiest people on the block, we didn’t have the copper cups, so I scooped up a pair from Publix.   From there, you pour it on the rocks, and you’re all set.

I’ve seen people order these at happy hour and in restaurants, but I’ve never tried one myself. So here it is-  I liked it!  My husband, who didn’t mind also being given a job as an official taste tester, said it was surprisingly good too.

Verdict- It’s super refreshing and a great drink to have with the rising temps.


Has anyone tried the Frosé yet?  Apparently it’s all the rage.  I’ve even seen it on billboards driving down the highway advertised as happy hour specials at some of the trendy watering holes near downtown.

It looks like wine slushy.  I think any working mom would probably be down with something like this.  You can find the recipe that we made here.

This recipe requires a little bit of planning.  You’ll need to freeze an entire bottle of wine, roughly 6 hours before you’re ready to make the rest of the recipe.  We used simple syrup, fresh strawberries, freshly squeezed lemon juice and ice.

For the wine, we tried to buy the darkest color of rosé wine we could find, because the color would fade during the freezing process.  Face it, we eat and drink with our eyes too, right?  We selected The Original Dark Horse Rosé (a 2017 California made bottle).

By far, this was the one that took the most effort to make.  In addition to freezing the wine, I also had to soak the cut strawberries in the Simple Syrup for a half hour, before chilling them for another half hour. It’s a lot of work for a beverage.

But when it’s all done, the drink is terrific.  It’s similar to a frozen daquiri, but made from wine instead of rum, and with a lemon zest.  I liked it.  My husband isn’t a big daquiri person, but he liked it too.

Verdict- A great alternative to the typical daquiri, and perfect for a hot summer night.

Red, White & Blue Spritzer

Red White and Blue Wine Spritzer

In honor of our nation’s 241st birthday last week, for our third selection we decided to try a refreshing Red, White & Blue SpritzerRecipe.

This is a very cold and refreshing drink.  It’s a simple recipe that just takes minutes to make.  It consists of simple syrup, fresh strawberries, blueberries, a bottle of dry white wine (I used Barefoot Sauvignon Blanc), club soda, fresh mint, and is served on the rocks.

What I love about this drink, it’s affordable to make at home.  We’re working moms, so we need something that looks fun but doesn’t break the bank.  Blueberries and strawberries are now in season, so they are great treat when you finish the drink.  Plus, you can make a pitcher of this and yield more than 4 drinks.  So this is great if you’re having several friends over.

If not- leave it chilled in the fridge and enjoy multiple nights.

Bottom line- I liked it, and would serve this to my girl friends.  My husband, on the other hand, wasn’t as impressed.  He thought it was a bit too foo-foo (whatever that means), and didn’t have enough bite for him.

Verdict- A very smooth and refreshingly fruity drink for those warmer days.

Final Thoughts

This was a tough task (lol), but I enjoyed doing it.  I’m even thinking of maybe doing another round in the Fall.

I thought I’d end up with a lot of odd items I’d never use again, but really it was just the relatively inexpensive copper cups ($8 at Publix), and five remaining ginger beers that were left over.  And if it has the word beer on it, I’m guessing those will get drank by my husband one way or another anyways.

Speaking of my husband.  In case you’re wondering why some of my pics are showing everything on top of a range oven, it’s because my kitchen is currently under renovation, and we are short on counter space right now.  Please feel free to let my husband know it’d be ok to speed things up a bit and get this finished.

Just kidding. He did a great job helping me with this assignment, and the kitchen is moving along fine.

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    1. Hi Marci,
      Awesome, let us know what you think! I liked the Moscow Mule the best. The other two were sweeter because of the simple syrup. Thanks for reading!

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