2019 Fitness Goal Objectives- Week Of March 17


I’ve set my fitness goals for the year, and I’ve already started working on them.  I’ll be sharing my progress along the way. If you’re a Mom who’s not exercising regularly, maybe I can help give you some motivation so you can join me in becoming a fit Mom in 2019! 

I’m still looking for recommendations for my next race.  Got any suggestions?
Daylight savings time.  Again. Ugh.
My week did not get started on the right foot exactly.  Between going out the night before, my husband having a busy schedule Sunday,  and being thrown off by the time change, I just couldn’t get things moving right.
On Sunday, instead of Sprints, I just went out and ran a couple decent miles. Some running is better than no running.
On Monday, I could barely get my butt out of bed.  Unfortunately, I mean fortunately, my husband motivated me to get up and go work out with him.
Luckily, the rest of the week got better from there.
Here are the results-

Last Week’s Results:

Sun: Sprints- COMPLETE- I did two miles instead of sprints at 12’24” and 11’48”.

Mon: Upper body- COMPLETE- Dumbbell Curls (10lb) and Kettleball swings (15lbs)

Tue: 3 mile run- COMPLETE- I took a 5k run along the Tampa bay with my friend Sarah. No speed records were set, but it was great having a running buddy today.

Wed: Rest

Thur: Upper Body- COMPLETE. I did pushups and leg lifts.

Fri: Legs- missed.

Sat: Rest

This Week’s Schedule:

Sun: Off for mini-vacation

Mon: Upper body

Tue: 2 or 3 mile run

Wed: Rest

Thur: Upper Body

Fri: Legs

Sat: Rest

Now that the Gasparilla Distance Classic 5k is over, what race should I run next? My husband is recommending the Mothers Day 5k again, are there any others I should consider around that time?

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