2019 Fitness Goal Objectives- Week Of March 10


I’ve set my fitness goals for the year, and I’ve already started working on them.  I’ll be sharing my progress along the way. If you’re a Mom who’s not exercising regularly, maybe I can help give you some motivation so you can join me in becoming a fit Mom in 2019! 

It was a good week of workouts.  I was back doing sprints on Sunday, and what a difference two weeks of not doing them makes.  I lost a whole second on my 100m.  And, because I live in Florida, it’s already starting to feel like Summer.  We’re going to try and go a little earlier in the day from now on to avoid the sun.
I’m getting stronger in my upper body.  I’m now bench pressing about 45 pounds pretty easily.  I hope to keep building on that.
Anyways, here’s the results-

Last Week’s Results:

Sun: Sprints- COMPLETE- I did multiple runs of the 100m, with a 22.8 fastest time.

Mon: Upper body- COMPLETE- Bench press up to 45lbs on the curling bar and kneeling one arm rows with a 15lb dumbbell.

Tue: 3 mile run- COMPLETE-

Wed: Rest

Thur: COMPLETE- Upper body- Shoulder press and ring rows.  I’m pressing a curling bar with 15 pounds on either side now (45lbs total) on both shoulder and bench.  I’m going to try for 55lbs next time around.

Fri: Legs- MISSED

Sat: Rest

This Week’s Schedule:

Sun: Sprints

Mon: Upper body

Tue: 2 or 3 mile run

Wed: Rest

Thur: Upper Body

Fri: Legs

Sat: Rest

Now that the Gasparilla Distance Classic 5k is over, what race should I run next? My husband is recommending the Mothers Day 5k again, are there any others I should consider around that time?

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