2019 Fitness Goal Objectives- Week of Feb 24


I’ve set my fitness goals for the year, and I’ve already started working on them.  I’ll be sharing my progress along the way. If you’re a Mom who’s not exercising regularly, maybe I can help give you some motivation so you can join me in becoming a fit Mom in 2019! 

The Gasparilla 5k is complete!
Yesterday, I ran the Gasparilla 5k with my husband.  It was a crowded race, on a warm Florida day.  He did really well, clocking his best time in at least four years.  I made the mistake of pacing with him for the first mile, wore myself out, and not finishing as well as I had hoped.  I won’t make that mistake on our next one. My final pace was 13:37 for a total of 42:41. His was around 10:41 for a total of 33:39.
For training this past week, I ran a couple of times, with a couple upper body workouts in between.  Now that this race is over, I’ll rest today, and then go back to more of a regular routine for awhile.

Last Week’s Results:

Happy about my increasing strength

Sun: Run- I ran three miles.

Mon: Upper body- MISSED

Tue: 3 mile run- COMPLETE. I did my run in the evening, and in the morning I did an Upper body workout with bench press.  I’m pushing 45lbs now (maxed out at 40lbs two weeks ago).

Wed: Rest

Thur: Upper body- I did kettleball swings and crunches.

Fri: Rest

Sat: 5k Gasparilla Race

This Week’s Schedule:

Sun: Rest (you don’t expect me to do anything after running my race yesterday, do you!)

Mon: Upper body

Tue: 2 or 3 mile run

Wed: Rest

Thur: Upper Body

Fri: Legs

Sat: Rest

Now that the Gasparilla Distance Classic 5k is over, what race should I run next?

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